Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We Had Guests!

Tonight at our Knit Nite we has some special guests. I am very pleased to be able to share some pictures with you as for once in about a million years I remembered my camera- nevermind that I had to CHARGE the battery first. But I did have the charger with me! Another miracle in of itself

So in no particular order ( they were ALL special! and deserving to be listed first!!) But someone has gotta go first

This is Robin from For Love of Fiber blog. She is also the AMAZING knitter, hooker, spinner and maker of neat soaps and other things that planned and coordinated the recent weekend retreat we attended. Robin lives about an hour and a half away so we were especially honored that she took the time to come and knit with us. Please enlarge the picture and see the SNOWMAN on the end of her stitch marker that she made!! I tried to distract her long enough to set him free and take him home with me but such luck!

This lovely lady is Robin's good friend Anne. It was so nice to get to chat with her and get to know her. She fit in like she has been knitting with us a long time (so did ROBIN- but after the other weekend she IS one of us!) She and Robin have started their very own KAL and they both have the "Noro Virus" as you might have noticed! We hope that both of these gals will join us whenever they can. Every week would be just fine!! and Anne and I seem to like some of the same colors.

Pam is showing off her BOHO purse. It is almost finished and will be so very pretty. Anne knits on beside her. edited: There is half of Lindy!

So here is a group picture. Well almost. Robin and I were both up taking some pictures. The gals are in the middle of a "Crochet Tutorial" and you can see that Pam and Becky are quite intent. Anne knits on. That gal is gonna be done with that KAL before the week is out! Hurry! Robin HURRY! The lady at the end in the gray sweater is dear Judy who is not only blogless she is without Internet! YIKES! There is Sandy in the lavender and just a peep at Carol on the left. Please go to check Robin's blog as I know she has a better group picture.

And now because I might have saved the cutest and for sure the YOUNGEST for last! Ella Grace joined us tonight . I just had to make her picture the largest because you see she is just too cute for words wearing her sweater knit just for her by ME!! Yep her Mom brought her tonight dressed in the sweater that I made her. I could be partial but I think it looks great on her and it matches her eyes!! I have a feeling that Ella will be coming to more Knit Nites in more handknits because I happen to know for a fact that she has quite a few.

Apologies to Lindy this cutie pie's Mom because I didn't get her picture tonight- But just trust me when I tell you that Ella comes by all this cuteness naturally.

It was a great night! I am doing armhole decreases on the side of my Lizzy sweater. Actually moving pretty fast. for me. Maybe some pictures soon!

OH! I forgot! Robin delivered an absolutely gorgeous basket that her Dad made for me when the green one I had wanted at the Retreat was sold. He does some amazing work and is fast too. Another good picture in the works there.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Like A Box of Chocolates

that is what knitting with Noro is like. I am making a cardigan using Noro Silk Garden and I am telling you ( well most of you already know this) knitting with this yarn is positively addictive. You NEVER know exactly what color, what shade or HOW much of it is going to come out. I started out trying to keep the color pattern going. I thought I was doing pretty well. Until. The colors decided to make larger stripes with the second skein. Now I have decided to just go with what the chocolates umm NORO gives me. The yarn is silky and nice for the most part and the color changes keep you going for "one more row" I have finished the back and have a good start on one side. It's the nice easy no thinking knitting. The kind I am do best!

I have been looking for patterns for my sisters hat to match the scarf I made her for Christmas. It is a green Manos curly scarf ( looks like a vine) with knitted flowers attached. She wants the type of hat that would look cute with more of the flowers attached. I sent her the link to this one. Go to Niks Knits scroll down her right sidebar.I am thinking that "The Republic" will look good with flowers instead of the large button. I want one for myself with some really neat button. She has some nice patterns. I almost put her picture with the credit on here but realized in time that was a NO NO. So please go to the link and check it out!Here is an uncropped ( I am tired and need to get to bed!) picture of my sis opening the scarf on Chrismas. Not much to see in that state but maybe you get the idea. There was a better picture of someone modeling the scarf but I am under orders NOT to use that picture. I will get a better one.Probably when the hat is done. She and her husband are going to Montana and Utah in early April and she thinks she will need it then.

Any other hat ideas? Anyone?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Well It's Been A Week

On my way home tonight I was reflecting on what I was doing just one short week ago. Pam and I had arrived in Clarksville and were checking on the arrival status of the rest of our group while planning to go to dinner with the gals from the Richmond TNK group. It was interesting that night to see as it progressed how we all became friends. It never ceases to amaze me how the love of some fiber and sticks can bring people together. If you have never experienced it then you probably think that I am nuts but I have a feeling that most of you that stop by here and knitters and you "get it".

As you have probably read we had DOOR PRIZES lots and lots of door prizes. I was the lucky recipient of 2 books and green LOCKABLE row counter. We had a couple of grand prizes and Sheddy and Robin C were the BIG winners!
That is Robin with a huge hank of mohair and Sheddy won a Lawre's Laine bag. Happy Gals!

Tami won some yummy candy. Her pj's were too cute- they glowed in the dark.

Please take note of Pam's handknit sweater and necklace. Her eye and talent are amazing. She is always creating something extraordinary.

I am almost finished the back of the sweater I started last weekend. I know that for many of you that is slow and your sweater would be done- but for me it is huge!! In more ways than one.

Take care and knit happy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Elliott Yamin

I know! I know! I know I owe all of you some more pictures and information about our FUN Fibery weekend. and it will come I promise! I just need to rest up and get to moving some pictures around. Blogger will only load ONE picture at a time for me right now. Makes it so slow.

Anyway for a little change of pace you might have noticed my new FLASHING button in my sidebar. I have to spread some of the ELLIOTT love for my favorite Virginian. Many of you that know me know that last season of AI found ME voting. I had NEVER done that before but our local boy Elliott won me over. I have continued to follow what has been going on with him through the concerts, the gig at the State Fair and most recently his first single which was a cover of Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" I had never heard that song before but Elliott's version is the ONLY one in my book. In case you haven't been following he is getting ready to release another single on Feb 13 and his first CD in March. I can't wait. I want this young man from Richmond to succeed. His voice is magical and captivating. In case you are interested in learning more and/or being a part to spreading the news as it happens and maybe being part of a group that hears the news FIRST! Click on the banner and go see what it is all about. I still can't believe I did it.

To thank you for reading this far- Here is a bit of knitting content: I am to the armhole shaping of the back of my NORO Lizzy sweater- Looks like I have the "Noro Virus"too as I may have ordered a bag of Silver Thaw on Friday morning.And we all know that Robin H.has it as well. Besides buying some 12 or so skeins this weekend here is a picture of her Blossom shawl/capelet. It is so gorgeous and looked so good on. BethP are you looking at this?? You know you loved it! You who never makes garments!!! Take a good look! Lovely.

So you see the Noro Virus really doesn't deserve all that bad press. Now does it?

Monday, January 22, 2007

I Don't Know Where to Begin

I have been thinking about this past weekend all day trying to decide where to start and what pictures to use. Now Robin, the coordinator extraordinaire of the event has commented that she had been watching for my recap so I guess I have just got to jump on in and begin.

First of all Robin..I got to know Robin from commenting on her blog, For Love of Fiber, which is a wonderful blog by the way. I was thrilled when she emailed me to see if I was interested in attending a knitting retreat she was planning at Buggs Island Lake. WAS I!!?? of course I was! I am Lakeknitter don't ya know. So then I asked her if the gals I knit with could be included. This led to 8 Colonial Heights Knitters joining the South Richmond TNK (Tuesday Night Knitters) for a weekend of knitting, eating and all around good time.

Pam and I arrived by 5pm and got settled into our room. Pam has her priorities in order as she fixes us a little before dinner drink. Our rooms there at the Best Western were very nice with a lake view, patio and wet bar. It was very comfortable and clean. I think they were very smart and put all of us knitters into the section where the conference center is located. The way we ran around in our pj's it was a good thing!

The view from our room. Nice. Very nice.

We got a great group together and went to the LakeHouse Restaurant for dinner on Friday night. It was a great time for us Colonial Heights Knitters to get to know the TNKnitters. Oh MY! We laughed and had the best time. I sat by Tami at dinner and found out that we had many many things in common. Kindred spirits for sure.

We went back to the hotel, put on our pj's and got busy knitting. I evidently didn't take any pictures that night. I got to spend some time getting to know Jane. We also got to know each other from Blog comments and had met briefly at Fiber events and through her sister Lawre, but it was nice to get to spend some real time getting to know each other and she is just as sweet and funny as I thought. A great friend to have, for sure.
See the cute "Welcome" bags Robin and her Mom made for us sitting on the table. They were so nice.
Robin officially welcomes us all on Saturday morning and we get right to the business at hand of KNITTING.

This is the view from the conference center looking to the right.

After the lunch break we returned to find Vendors had set up their wares! Knitters always need more yarn, gadgets and just STUFF. We LOVE it!

This is Robin and her lovely Mom with her dog Lily.

Aren't they cute?

This is taking me forever as I am having to upload eachseparatelyeperately. So stay tuned for

"Knittin' at the Lake" part 2 tomorrow. Much more to come!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

and will really have to do tonight because I am sooo tired. I am off work tomorrow and I can't wait to describe my wonderful weekend to ALL that will listen. But in the meantime here's the picture. Gotta LOVE It!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What They Were Up To Today

Guess what these two were up to today?? That's my niece and my youngest son. Kara is home from college for another week and today she picked up her young cousin for an evening of pure sweet fun.
They were super busy doing some fancy creating:

Now for knitting. Indigomuse asked about the pattern I decided on for my lovely mohair from FFF and the answer is......I haven't decided yet. At the moment I am focusing on finishing the sweater I started last year from the ella rae book one. I had to go buy more yarn but I think I am good to go now. I have one sleeve and then the sewing begins! I really want to have it finished to wear if (IF) Big IF the weather is cold enough when I go to Robin's Knittin at the Lake Retreat in 2 weeks. I might wear it for a few minutes even it it isn't cold enough. But Tanya as soon as I decide I will be letting you know! I have just a few finishing touches on my sister's scarf and hat.

I do need some yarn for the RED SCARF project. Hopefully something more in the way of pictures if the sun will come out!

Monday, January 08, 2007

What A Beautiful Day

Jamestown in January?!?!

with a gorgeous sky. The temperatures were in the mid to upper 70's, practically unheard of here in Virginia in January. I think we broke a record. OH! I forgot. I am talking about SATURDAY! Today the sky was not so pretty. It was gray, cloudy and rainy. I had really wanted to post my Saturday sky on Saturday but the fates would not allow my high speed internet that I pay so much $$ for to work correctly. So just bear with me now. If it will work now. edited: nope didn’t work so here I am on MONDAY night trying to get this post through.

Anyway there is only one good thing to do on such a glorious day and that is get out and go for a drive and what's even better is knowing that there is a yarn shop on the way and a good meal. You know what? If I were a better blogger and planner I would have taken a picture of Pam's new nails because that is how we came to go on an adventure at a moment's notice. She had come up to town to get her nails done and on a whim she called to see if I wanted to go adventuring after. Pam knows me well and knows that I need NO preparation and I can be ready on a moments notice. We decided that since it was such a beautiful day that we would both drive to about halfway to her house and catch the ferry over to Williamsburg. If you don't know there is a great place to eat and a great LYS not too far from the ferry. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed for Vacation. We didn’t hold that against them because with all the hoopla of the Jamestown anniversary going on in Williamsburg this year it may well have been their only chance. We can go again. We did go to the outlets to find some comfortable shoes with support for these 50 something feet of mine( yes I DO need to update my profile- I’ll get around to it) Got some great shoes and coffee. We ended the day at Knitting Sisters LYS. A very nice shop with a great selection. I left with some hand lotion and a green row counter that looks like a frog.

To wind down this post that doesn’t seem to want to end, I leave you with the Saturday Sky pictures on the Jamestown Ferry “Pocahantas” one going over and one on the return trip. Really it is the best way to go.

On the knitting front:
I am almost finished sleeve #1 and all that is left is Sleeve #2 and to pick up and knit the ribbing and then I will have competed my first real with sleeves notavest but a SWEATER! Story at 11!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Living Up to My Resolution- The Early Days

In an effort to live up to my resolutions or should I say "goals" for the New Year here I am! I don't have long because one of my lesser known goals is to get more sleep and that means cutting back on the late nights on the computer.

I am on Day 2 of Weight Watchers. So far so good. It is early in the game yet.

Went to Knit Nite tonight. Took some pictures. But no time for much posting tonight

I am posting. Albeit hurridly and without much thought. But I do want to share more of my life this year so in that spirit I want to share a picture I took back at Thanksgiving of my Brother, Father and youngest son. Not a bad looking trio of men if I do say so myself.

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007.....A Fresh Start

Happy New Year !!

Yes! Blog friends and real friends and those of you that fall into both categories (you know who you are) I feel the need for a new start with this New Year. I have spent the better part of the day Blogrolling around and reading so many inspiring New Year's posts and I have found that it was depressing my lazy self. Have you SEEN some of the knitblogger's FO's?? Well I have and I am blown away. I am amazed at how many of these talented gals made good on their 2006 promises. and their plans for 2007 is nothing short of amazing. I should link to them but I didn't actually keep track of where I was, as usual I was wandering aimlessly.
But I have found motivation and inspiration and my goals and resolutions are simple:




I could elaborate more on each of those but I won't. I will save it for another time. Need more POSTS remember- that's at least THREE separate posts there! More if you count the "eat less".

In noticing all the FO's out there all I could think about was my UFO's because I certainly have alot of them. Maybe I will pull them out for a picture. Nope that is a post for another day when the light is better.

And just because this IS a knitting blog supposedly here is an overexposed picture of the lovely lightly variegated mohair that I bought at the Fall Fiber Festival. I bought it to make a lovely airy sweater that when I got the pattern in the mail EVERY row was a pattern row! There were no purl back rows. After about 4 or 5 false starts that included not even being able to COUNT the stitches with the mohair (very hairy indeed...looks like more stitches) I gave up and decided to find another pattern. It came to me late Saturday night that I already had the Noro book with Lizzy in it that I had wanted to make and even though I have the Noro I am attempting Lizzy in the mohair. Will it work? I have no idea. I did swatch and it looked right on but.....I guess time will tell. One thing I am sure of tho- is that I love love the colors and subtle changes of this yarn. Working with mohair not so much. But you can't have everything. So that is my New Year Project newly on the needles.

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