Monday, January 29, 2007

Like A Box of Chocolates

that is what knitting with Noro is like. I am making a cardigan using Noro Silk Garden and I am telling you ( well most of you already know this) knitting with this yarn is positively addictive. You NEVER know exactly what color, what shade or HOW much of it is going to come out. I started out trying to keep the color pattern going. I thought I was doing pretty well. Until. The colors decided to make larger stripes with the second skein. Now I have decided to just go with what the chocolates umm NORO gives me. The yarn is silky and nice for the most part and the color changes keep you going for "one more row" I have finished the back and have a good start on one side. It's the nice easy no thinking knitting. The kind I am do best!

I have been looking for patterns for my sisters hat to match the scarf I made her for Christmas. It is a green Manos curly scarf ( looks like a vine) with knitted flowers attached. She wants the type of hat that would look cute with more of the flowers attached. I sent her the link to this one. Go to Niks Knits scroll down her right sidebar.I am thinking that "The Republic" will look good with flowers instead of the large button. I want one for myself with some really neat button. She has some nice patterns. I almost put her picture with the credit on here but realized in time that was a NO NO. So please go to the link and check it out!Here is an uncropped ( I am tired and need to get to bed!) picture of my sis opening the scarf on Chrismas. Not much to see in that state but maybe you get the idea. There was a better picture of someone modeling the scarf but I am under orders NOT to use that picture. I will get a better one.Probably when the hat is done. She and her husband are going to Montana and Utah in early April and she thinks she will need it then.

Any other hat ideas? Anyone?


Blogger Suzanne said...

It looks wonderful! I love green.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

How about this hat:

It's in the Itty Bitty Hat book, a book of baby hat patterns, but you could easily adapt that to an adult size.

10:18 PM  

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