Monday, January 22, 2007

I Don't Know Where to Begin

I have been thinking about this past weekend all day trying to decide where to start and what pictures to use. Now Robin, the coordinator extraordinaire of the event has commented that she had been watching for my recap so I guess I have just got to jump on in and begin.

First of all Robin..I got to know Robin from commenting on her blog, For Love of Fiber, which is a wonderful blog by the way. I was thrilled when she emailed me to see if I was interested in attending a knitting retreat she was planning at Buggs Island Lake. WAS I!!?? of course I was! I am Lakeknitter don't ya know. So then I asked her if the gals I knit with could be included. This led to 8 Colonial Heights Knitters joining the South Richmond TNK (Tuesday Night Knitters) for a weekend of knitting, eating and all around good time.

Pam and I arrived by 5pm and got settled into our room. Pam has her priorities in order as she fixes us a little before dinner drink. Our rooms there at the Best Western were very nice with a lake view, patio and wet bar. It was very comfortable and clean. I think they were very smart and put all of us knitters into the section where the conference center is located. The way we ran around in our pj's it was a good thing!

The view from our room. Nice. Very nice.

We got a great group together and went to the LakeHouse Restaurant for dinner on Friday night. It was a great time for us Colonial Heights Knitters to get to know the TNKnitters. Oh MY! We laughed and had the best time. I sat by Tami at dinner and found out that we had many many things in common. Kindred spirits for sure.

We went back to the hotel, put on our pj's and got busy knitting. I evidently didn't take any pictures that night. I got to spend some time getting to know Jane. We also got to know each other from Blog comments and had met briefly at Fiber events and through her sister Lawre, but it was nice to get to spend some real time getting to know each other and she is just as sweet and funny as I thought. A great friend to have, for sure.
See the cute "Welcome" bags Robin and her Mom made for us sitting on the table. They were so nice.
Robin officially welcomes us all on Saturday morning and we get right to the business at hand of KNITTING.

This is the view from the conference center looking to the right.

After the lunch break we returned to find Vendors had set up their wares! Knitters always need more yarn, gadgets and just STUFF. We LOVE it!

This is Robin and her lovely Mom with her dog Lily.

Aren't they cute?

This is taking me forever as I am having to upload eachseparatelyeperately. So stay tuned for

"Knittin' at the Lake" part 2 tomorrow. Much more to come!


Anonymous Robin said...

Gosh, I missed everyone today!! 2 days just wasn't long enough!

12:10 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

I wish I could have eaten dinner with everyone Friday night. But I had a great time the rest of the weekend!

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Issy said...

Colonial Heghts Knitters rock!It was wonderful to meet all of you. Next year can't come soon enough for me! Hope to see you all soon.

6:43 AM  

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