Monday, January 08, 2007

What A Beautiful Day

Jamestown in January?!?!

with a gorgeous sky. The temperatures were in the mid to upper 70's, practically unheard of here in Virginia in January. I think we broke a record. OH! I forgot. I am talking about SATURDAY! Today the sky was not so pretty. It was gray, cloudy and rainy. I had really wanted to post my Saturday sky on Saturday but the fates would not allow my high speed internet that I pay so much $$ for to work correctly. So just bear with me now. If it will work now. edited: nope didn’t work so here I am on MONDAY night trying to get this post through.

Anyway there is only one good thing to do on such a glorious day and that is get out and go for a drive and what's even better is knowing that there is a yarn shop on the way and a good meal. You know what? If I were a better blogger and planner I would have taken a picture of Pam's new nails because that is how we came to go on an adventure at a moment's notice. She had come up to town to get her nails done and on a whim she called to see if I wanted to go adventuring after. Pam knows me well and knows that I need NO preparation and I can be ready on a moments notice. We decided that since it was such a beautiful day that we would both drive to about halfway to her house and catch the ferry over to Williamsburg. If you don't know there is a great place to eat and a great LYS not too far from the ferry. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed for Vacation. We didn’t hold that against them because with all the hoopla of the Jamestown anniversary going on in Williamsburg this year it may well have been their only chance. We can go again. We did go to the outlets to find some comfortable shoes with support for these 50 something feet of mine( yes I DO need to update my profile- I’ll get around to it) Got some great shoes and coffee. We ended the day at Knitting Sisters LYS. A very nice shop with a great selection. I left with some hand lotion and a green row counter that looks like a frog.

To wind down this post that doesn’t seem to want to end, I leave you with the Saturday Sky pictures on the Jamestown Ferry “Pocahantas” one going over and one on the return trip. Really it is the best way to go.

On the knitting front:
I am almost finished sleeve #1 and all that is left is Sleeve #2 and to pick up and knit the ribbing and then I will have competed my first real with sleeves notavest but a SWEATER! Story at 11!


Blogger IndigoMuse said...

I'm anxious to see what pattern you chose for the yarn. And yes, I'm loving this weather :)


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