Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Laugh is On ME~~

I just now the day after and late the day after my last post...well technically it was the SAME day since I posted so very early this morning. At any rate did any of you catch my BOOBOO. I said my "dh 12" HA! My dh is NOT 12 I PROMISE!! Hopefully all of you knew that I meant to say my ds 12. A "cradle robber " I am not!!

I started the socks out of the Mountain Colors 4/8's wool and the colors get even better as they are knitted together. If it is not too hot tomorrow I plan to work on them a bit while sitting in the sun.

I am here with the crickets and cicadas. It is cool and comfortable here on the deck. Just wonderful. Tomorrow I will share my visit with a new to me ...never before visited yarn shop. OH BOY you gotta love em!

See ya tomorrow.

Things I Have Learned Lately

It seems to me that I spend more time reading about others, their lives and their knitting. Searching out online for the perfect pattern, the perfect yarn, the best LYS or not so local yarn shop. Just not enough actual knitting of my own! I am gonna fix that and fix it soon. Not right now because I am going to bed after I post this little ditty but soon!

Since last Thursday I have spent much time in doctor's offices and other medical facilities and we all know that means WAITING! and yes I have had my knitting with me. However I have learned that I am a knitter that needs an easy "no brainer" kind of knit with me for those times. I was working on a scarf not a difficult scarf mind you but one that requires me to keep track of rows and do different things on some of them. But of course they call you to come back to see the doctor in the middle of the row. I didn't have my counter with me and YESTERDAY...the day we waited for over TWO hours I had forgotten my pattern!!! So I was really winging it and I will be ripping and starting over completely.Where is this all going?! What did I learn? Socks!! Socks is the answer for me because except for turning the heel it is pretty much straight knitting. You can stop after one need to worry about a whole row. I have a pattern that is very very easy and socks don't take up a lot of room in my purse. I am casting on a pair for my dh. Soon. very soon. Oh and I spent all the time at the doctors with dh 12 who got the SUNBURN of his life at the Beach last Monday. The story of that was my lost post. I am going to let it stay lost except to say: I WAS NOT WITH HIM!!! and YES he was reminded by his older brother and cousins to use sunscreen. I doubt that this redhead will get in the sun ever again. He has learned as well.

I will miss Knit Nite tomorrow night and I hate that. But I will miss it to head off to the lake that I dearly love. It looks like the weather will have calmed down and be sunny for most of the rest of the week and the upcoming holiday. I think I will share with you some of the "reflective "pictures that I took there last week.

The water was so still ( can you see the teeny tiny ripples?) and the sun was just right with the clouds. I walked all the way back up the hill to get my camera and I was glad that I did because less than an hour later the reflections were gone. I was the only one there that day. It was peaceful, serene and beautiful and all mine. I finished my socks.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

CAUTION! Great Knittin' Ahead


It has been a great week for knitting and knitting comraderie. The group of gals that I knit with are so awesome. We have been knitting together for just over 6 months but it is like we have known each other forever. Just goes to prove that meeting people over the internets can work out just fine! Here are some pictures of last week's getogether. What we shared and what we knit.

This is the group "oohing and ahhing" over new Beth's rugs that she has hooked. Being the crafty folk that we are ...We are enthralled. Totally. I think that there may be some new "hookers" in our group. Beth may be new to our group but she is sure dedicated. She brought her rugs for us to see in spite of a broken foot. See her walking cast?!?!

Becky brought her new copy of "Knitting on the Edge" to show and share. This book was fresh from the Post Office. Like minutes prior. Thanks Becky!!

Becky models her FIFTY CENT! Shawl. She pulled apart a thrift store sweater and made this nifty creation.

Carol is sharing some shawl patterns that she is contemplating.
I think before the evening was out she had swatched and made her final choice.
More updates to follow as we have the fun of watching her shawl grow.

I have more to share but the request for the "Mom Taxi" has just come through and I don't want to lose all this !!!! More later...soon! I promise!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

What Happened? Where DId It GO???

I guess I didn't realize that blogger goes wonky and loses posts. Until now. It just did it to me. The bad thing was that I was already falling asleep at the keyboard. Maybe I had something to do with losing the post...just maybe. I am doing it again so I will have to bring my posts up to date tomorrow. I have pictures. Lots of pictures

Monday, August 22, 2005

It's a PAIR!!!!

of socks ...that is! I am so excited they are my very first finished PAIR!!

And I really like how they turned out. They are made from hand dyed merino from the gals at WOOLARINA. That yarn is a dream to knit and I think the colorway matched pretty well .I am sorry that I don't know how to put a link in here. Here's a try.... Mmmm looks like that worked. I hope I am not using their bandwidth doing it that way. Someone please let me know if I am! I just copied and pasted their url. Please note: Out of focus lake in the background .

What did Pam have in her bag last KNIT NIGHT?!?!?

WHY it is a handmade swift made for her by her very ingenous husband Keith. We all made suggestions on ways that Pam could/should?!?! show her appreciation.

But. I don't think SHE appreciated our suggestions. She designed the special carry bag herself with plans for a much nicer bag later on. But I think the eyelet pillowcase fits the bill perfectly.

We hope to meet at the brand new Panera Bread tomorrow night. I just hope it won't be way too crowded. I can just taste that French Onion Soup! MMMmmmmm GOOD!

Notes from the Lake

I am so very fortunate to have a vacation day which meant an extra day at the lake. It is a perfect day so far! NO humidity and the temperature is much much cooler.
The sunrise on the lake was beautiful .
Here are a couple of shots. I expect to be out enjoying some of this perfect weather VERY soon!

I have had some pictures to share from last week's KNIT NIGHT. We had such a great group. I think we were all there except for one of the Beths. We have some almost FO's and a new shawl started.

This is Becky and she just has to crochet an edging on this gorgeous sweater. Be sure to enlarge it so that you can see the detail.

Here is Liz with her Kiri Shawl. The colorway is exquisite as is the detail. I so admire her lacework. And to think ..she taught herself to knit last summer from books.

The sun is a calling ..more later!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another Great Night....

Knit Night that is!! I know that I have said this before but we have the greatest group of gals Ever!!! Tonight we had a new Beth join us. For those of you that don't know we now have Liz and 2 Beths!! all short for Elizabeth. That is pretty good because there are only 8 of us when we all show up! Here is a picture of "new" Beth. I think the name suits her and she sure fit right in with us.

This a really great "Knit Friend" hard at work. This is Pam and she is saving Socks Gone Wild. Thanks to her we are hurrying down the foot toward the home stretch and completing my first PAIR of socks!! I think it takes a true friend to help with something like this and that is our Pam for sure!!

Since it is after 1am and yes that is 1 in the MORNING!! I think I will head off to bed. Rest easy....there are more "Knit Night" pictures yet to come. There will be Liz modeling her latest and Becky with her absolutely exquisite sweater.Many works in progress and good times to be shared.....

Friday, August 12, 2005


It seems that I have my own version of SSS, Second Sock Syndrome. I get sock number 2 started that doesn't seem to be the problem , my problem comes later. I was so proud of my first sock. It looked like it would fit an elephant. I started faithfully on sock number 2 fast forward a couple of weeks. DH is looking into the bed of his truck ( which I am too short to see into btw well without jumping) and saying " I don't believe what I am seeing" and shaking his head. Well I am jumping to see and he pulls out a plastic ziplock freezer bag dripping NASTY old collected rainwater. My heart sinks. It is my sock. and my once lovely Brittany Birch dpn's and some other dpn's all black with mold and mildew.I had been searching for them. How did they get back there? What to do with it?!?! I thought about washing the sock and the yarn....I am really allergic to mold and suppose it NEVER smells good again? I tossed the whole lot in the trash. My first sock was destined to be an only child.

Now fast forward I have made another sock out of the lovely WOOLARINA merino and am well into the foot of sock#2. This was the yarn I so proudly wound into a HANDMADE center pull ball.
Well look what PULLED out!
It is a sock gone wild!!! It is out of the center pull ball and out of control. Will I give up or persevere and finish this one. Time will tell.

Special note to Beth in Chester. It is Wednesday night that we meet. Please join us. We gather around 5pm -5:30 ...after work for most of us.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

If at First You Don't Suceed....

Try and try again. Last night I was all set to share some "family on vacation" pictures. Well for some reason HELLO would not recognize my wireless network here no matter what I tried. So...I deleted it!! I had planned to reload it and see if that would help. I went to BLOGGER HELP and it seems that I May. and I use that term very loosely...may possibly be able to insert pictures without using HELLO. So before I reload I will try and maybe try again. I have lots of pictures to share and some of...gasp! YARN!! Here goes....

Welll the picture has gone somewhere but WHERE?!?!Oh there it is at the beginning of my post....Nope now it has moved down here where I wanted it. Mmmmm Maybe I made it move HA!

These are my middle and youngest sons. The redhead is Will and the blonde is Clay. It was a bit of a cloudy day to be out on the boat but we were determined to have some FUN!!

This home, mansion, CASTLE was under construction when we first started coming to this lake five years ago. This is the first year that it looks like anyone has moved in. It is rumored to belong to someone connected to...Black and Decker, Levi Strauss and most recently and the most firm rumor HEINZ of catsup fame. Rest assured that I will keep an eye out!! OH...would you like to see the 4 or 5 bay garage?!?

See the 3 bays and I know that there are at least 2 more around the corner!

Now how about some knitting content? I have some STASH ENHANCEMENT to share ! There is a lovely lovely yarn shop that I love to visit when I am here. It is/near Moneta Va. and is called TAPESTRIES. There is also a fairly new shop in Bedford which is a bit further for me but we had video games to return and this shop stays open until 6pm so I checked out YARN THEORY yesterday. It was nice and the owner was very helpful. I bought some yarn with projects for Christmas in mind.....well the PICNIC is for me but the other is for gifts. So here is the latest addition to my stash. I am going to be using the Karabella lace mohair with the MAGIC to make a scarf. I wish I had the needles to start on it. I am dying to see if the colors will work well or not. Might have to head to TAPESTRIES tomorrow for some needles...only needles. Nothing else absolutely nothing else..Nada. Right?MMmm maybe.

Well obviously I got this to work. So I think I will cross my fingers and hit the PUBLISH button.

Monday, August 01, 2005

This is the view at dusk....almost night. This is where I love to sit , relax and knit away. This picture was not as clear as I would like because I tried to do it without a flash. But never fear you will see way more than you may want to see of this view. I am quite partial to it don't ya know Posted by Picasa

Some Lakeknitting going on .....
I decided that I need to share some actual KNITTING on my blog.For the life of me I cannot seem to grasp the concept of posting the pictures and the words together in ONE post. I will be on vacation next week so maybe I will have some time dedicated to this pursuit. In the meantime this is the back of a very special baby sweater I am working on. It is Cherry Tree Hill cotton boucle GUARANTEED not to pill! I don't remember the colorway but I will be sure to share a picture in the daylight so as to see the color better. It is a lovely blue and purple and some other colors in between. It is just perfect for the new baby boy it is intended for. I hope to finish it while on vacation next week. In other knitting news I have a completed sock with the second well on it's way! My first pair ended in a disaster. But that is another story. More tomorrow ...maybe :) Posted by Picasa

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension