Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Things I Have Learned Lately

It seems to me that I spend more time reading about others, their lives and their knitting. Searching out online for the perfect pattern, the perfect yarn, the best LYS or not so local yarn shop. Just not enough actual knitting of my own! I am gonna fix that and fix it soon. Not right now because I am going to bed after I post this little ditty but soon!

Since last Thursday I have spent much time in doctor's offices and other medical facilities and we all know that means WAITING! and yes I have had my knitting with me. However I have learned that I am a knitter that needs an easy "no brainer" kind of knit with me for those times. I was working on a scarf not a difficult scarf mind you but one that requires me to keep track of rows and do different things on some of them. But of course they call you to come back to see the doctor in the middle of the row. I didn't have my counter with me and YESTERDAY...the day we waited for over TWO hours I had forgotten my pattern!!! So I was really winging it and I will be ripping and starting over completely.Where is this all going?! What did I learn? Socks!! Socks is the answer for me because except for turning the heel it is pretty much straight knitting. You can stop after one need to worry about a whole row. I have a pattern that is very very easy and socks don't take up a lot of room in my purse. I am casting on a pair for my dh. Soon. very soon. Oh and I spent all the time at the doctors with dh 12 who got the SUNBURN of his life at the Beach last Monday. The story of that was my lost post. I am going to let it stay lost except to say: I WAS NOT WITH HIM!!! and YES he was reminded by his older brother and cousins to use sunscreen. I doubt that this redhead will get in the sun ever again. He has learned as well.

I will miss Knit Nite tomorrow night and I hate that. But I will miss it to head off to the lake that I dearly love. It looks like the weather will have calmed down and be sunny for most of the rest of the week and the upcoming holiday. I think I will share with you some of the "reflective "pictures that I took there last week.

The water was so still ( can you see the teeny tiny ripples?) and the sun was just right with the clouds. I walked all the way back up the hill to get my camera and I was glad that I did because less than an hour later the reflections were gone. I was the only one there that day. It was peaceful, serene and beautiful and all mine. I finished my socks.


Blogger Liz said...

I love seeing your lake pictures!

As for socks, I try to keep a pair on the needles for the same reason.

We'll miss you at Panera!

P.S. Remember that lace shawl I'm making? It's done, just need to block it...shhhh!

10:15 AM  

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