Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Laugh is On ME~~

I just now the day after and late the day after my last post...well technically it was the SAME day since I posted so very early this morning. At any rate did any of you catch my BOOBOO. I said my "dh 12" HA! My dh is NOT 12 I PROMISE!! Hopefully all of you knew that I meant to say my ds 12. A "cradle robber " I am not!!

I started the socks out of the Mountain Colors 4/8's wool and the colors get even better as they are knitted together. If it is not too hot tomorrow I plan to work on them a bit while sitting in the sun.

I am here with the crickets and cicadas. It is cool and comfortable here on the deck. Just wonderful. Tomorrow I will share my visit with a new to me ...never before visited yarn shop. OH BOY you gotta love em!

See ya tomorrow.


Blogger jane said...

Oh, I just e-mailed you and see you already have a great knit night!! Love your group. Jane

6:16 AM  

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