Friday, August 12, 2005


It seems that I have my own version of SSS, Second Sock Syndrome. I get sock number 2 started that doesn't seem to be the problem , my problem comes later. I was so proud of my first sock. It looked like it would fit an elephant. I started faithfully on sock number 2 fast forward a couple of weeks. DH is looking into the bed of his truck ( which I am too short to see into btw well without jumping) and saying " I don't believe what I am seeing" and shaking his head. Well I am jumping to see and he pulls out a plastic ziplock freezer bag dripping NASTY old collected rainwater. My heart sinks. It is my sock. and my once lovely Brittany Birch dpn's and some other dpn's all black with mold and mildew.I had been searching for them. How did they get back there? What to do with it?!?! I thought about washing the sock and the yarn....I am really allergic to mold and suppose it NEVER smells good again? I tossed the whole lot in the trash. My first sock was destined to be an only child.

Now fast forward I have made another sock out of the lovely WOOLARINA merino and am well into the foot of sock#2. This was the yarn I so proudly wound into a HANDMADE center pull ball.
Well look what PULLED out!
It is a sock gone wild!!! It is out of the center pull ball and out of control. Will I give up or persevere and finish this one. Time will tell.

Special note to Beth in Chester. It is Wednesday night that we meet. Please join us. We gather around 5pm -5:30 ...after work for most of us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your new sock is gorgeous! What a trooper to start all over again...and to figure out how to pull it from the center -- I'm impressed! There is so much delicious yarn out there -- I am a rug hooker who has just started to knit. I have a huge stash of hand dyed wool for my rugs. Now I'm starting to drool over yarn...It's definitely an addiction! I stopped by Lettuce Knit today -- I'm jealous of all of you that can go to the sale --I can't go but hopefully will catch the next one.
I'm looking forward to your Wednesday night get together. Beth who can't seem to logon with a name...

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