Thursday, August 11, 2005

If at First You Don't Suceed....

Try and try again. Last night I was all set to share some "family on vacation" pictures. Well for some reason HELLO would not recognize my wireless network here no matter what I tried. So...I deleted it!! I had planned to reload it and see if that would help. I went to BLOGGER HELP and it seems that I May. and I use that term very loosely...may possibly be able to insert pictures without using HELLO. So before I reload I will try and maybe try again. I have lots of pictures to share and some of...gasp! YARN!! Here goes....

Welll the picture has gone somewhere but WHERE?!?!Oh there it is at the beginning of my post....Nope now it has moved down here where I wanted it. Mmmmm Maybe I made it move HA!

These are my middle and youngest sons. The redhead is Will and the blonde is Clay. It was a bit of a cloudy day to be out on the boat but we were determined to have some FUN!!

This home, mansion, CASTLE was under construction when we first started coming to this lake five years ago. This is the first year that it looks like anyone has moved in. It is rumored to belong to someone connected to...Black and Decker, Levi Strauss and most recently and the most firm rumor HEINZ of catsup fame. Rest assured that I will keep an eye out!! OH...would you like to see the 4 or 5 bay garage?!?

See the 3 bays and I know that there are at least 2 more around the corner!

Now how about some knitting content? I have some STASH ENHANCEMENT to share ! There is a lovely lovely yarn shop that I love to visit when I am here. It is/near Moneta Va. and is called TAPESTRIES. There is also a fairly new shop in Bedford which is a bit further for me but we had video games to return and this shop stays open until 6pm so I checked out YARN THEORY yesterday. It was nice and the owner was very helpful. I bought some yarn with projects for Christmas in mind.....well the PICNIC is for me but the other is for gifts. So here is the latest addition to my stash. I am going to be using the Karabella lace mohair with the MAGIC to make a scarf. I wish I had the needles to start on it. I am dying to see if the colors will work well or not. Might have to head to TAPESTRIES tomorrow for some needles...only needles. Nothing else absolutely nothing else..Nada. Right?MMmm maybe.

Well obviously I got this to work. So I think I will cross my fingers and hit the PUBLISH button.


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