Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OBX ... A Knitter's Weekend

As usual I am a day (or more!) late and a dollar short but before the week is over I am determined to post about this wonderful past weekend. This weekend was the brainchild of my dear friend and fellow knitting fiend Pam. Our other cohorts in crime er knitting were Robin and Mary. In a way it was somwhat unusual because three out of the four of us have blogs. Unusual for me in that I try to be the one TAKING the pictures and NOT the other way around.Visit Robin and Mary for their "take " on the weekend and lots of pictures. Pam was most indulgent of her blogging companions and was very patient when we had to pull over on the busy highway to take a picture of the sunset.

Blogging the blogger as she captures the sunset.

Here we go....

On Friday I drove to Pam's and lucky me! she drove to the Outer Banks. This meant that I got knitting in the car time which is almost unheard of for me. I am our family's main driver for trips. I got some "sea bands" to try since I tend towards carsickness. I do think they worked. I knit on Lizzy the whole way. I have about a half a sleeve to go! Pam and I went to the Beach house first because we had to turn the water on and we wanted to be sure to do that in the light of day. The way we looked having to get down on the ground to turn the main valve it might have been better in the dark. Fortunately at this time the camera was still in the car.

The view from our Beach House.

Mary gave us a holler as she came across the bridge and found herself at Knitting Addiction. Pam and I abandoned the freshly popped popcorn and hurried to meet up with Mary. If you have not been to Knitting Addiction I highly recommend it. The owner and her staff are awesome. There is a wide selection of yarn and patterns as well as many knitted samples. Jeannie the owner also wears lots of the samples and I blame her for the patterns I HAD to purchase. She has a nice comfy area for sitting and knitting. Friday afternoon I bought the Fall INTERWEAVE KNITS- I know you can't believe that I didn't have it but I didn't and there are several things that I would like one day to make.

When Robin joined the 'merry band" we immediately hurried off to dinner at The Flying Fish. This was a nice restaurant but I didn't make a good menu choice and the service got off to a bad start and kept going downhill. WHY didn't I know that Gorgonzola cheese was the same thing as bleu cheese ?? After dinner we hurried home to put on our jammies and get down to the knitting. That is afterall what we had come for......

Monday, February 19, 2007

Follow Up

I have a lot that I need to follow up on for you. First of all a week from today I had alluded to mystery and left you hanging. sorry about that. Unfortunately my blogging, knitting and interneting came to a dead halt due to the "NoroVirus" and I am NOT talking about the kind that knitters love. But I am good and back on track so here we go....

Go back to the previous post and look at those photos from Dad's Birthday and oops- Here is a collage I made. Now for those of you familiar with Richmond radio both current and past this little question is for you. Heard of "Shotgun John"? He is and has been a dj for Q94 for some time and he was at my Dad's Birthday party. So check out the pictures and see if you can figure it out. I still can't believe I didn't think to beg, plead with him to play Elliott's "Movin' On.

I know. If you have been on the receiving end of my Elliott mania you can't believe it either!

I have decided that the other item that needs follow up really deserves its very own post. Dare I say Tomorrow?

Monday, February 12, 2007


In celebration of my Dad's Birth some quite remarkable 88years ago the family got together to break bread and eat CAKE! My parents both in their 80's are pretty amazing. They can both still drive and drive SAFELY as in they do not present any unusual dangers out on the highway other than the usual that can happen to any of us. They are both mentally sharp as tacks and get a good joke. I KNOW that I am truly blessed. So in the spirit of the celebration I am sharing some family pictures and whatever I may decide to reveal.

The opening of the presents. Something has sure sparked a good laugh from the Birthday Boy. In looking back at this picture I wish I had been listening instead of picture taking.HEY! I might have missed something. The lady beside him is my Mom's sister Hilda. She's 80 something too.I don't know if you can read the writing on the bottle but it says "Petersburg". My Aunt brought this old bottle to Dad for his Birthday. He and my Mom lived and worked in Petersburg in the mid 40's. I lived in Petersburg too at one time. Maybe Aunt Hilda has another one....

Our favorite part - The eating of the cake- That's my Mom behind the cake. My sister makes a really good chocolate cake which is Dad's favorite. Ok. OK . Chocolate cake with white icing is my favorite too. Especially when Mom would make the icing from the 10X bag of sugar.....

I have more pictures but blogger does not seem to want to put them on here. I have tried THREE times. So I guess I will have to put some more up tomorrow.

Something to be guessed, a curious little fact, especially relevant to my Richmond area readers. Someone who may be pictured here today or someone I tried to picture here today is known in certain Richmond circles and more especially from a more distant time frame.maybe. Think about it. More tomorrow.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

It Worked!

YAY! But please don't miss the most recent KNIT NITE post that is just below the Movin On Post. Later. More knitting soon. Maybe today?

THE Experiment

I found this on the AOL site and thought I would give it a try-


Also if I happen to disappear don't worry I will be back- Hopefully! It is looking like Blogger is about to force me to change to the new version. I dread it as I barely got this one up and going.
But not to worry I do live with a computer guru- he will help me.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Knit Nite at Castaways

We had our usual great time knitting on Wednesday night. We were fewer in numbers than usual but we still managed to take up about half the coffeeshop and get some knitting done. I remembered my camera again! YAY! It seems I am on a roll!

Here we are at Castaways and this is the delightful "staff" person that takes such good care of us. She has learned what we each like to drink and almost every night we are there she brings us a sample of something good. Wednesday night it was a "blueberry pomegranate" smoothie.

The lovely Pam is modeling a very pretty scarf that she made. It is a great color on her!

This is Carol. I can't remember what she is working on but it is sure to be Beautiful!

Becky is ordering some coffee to go! We do love our coffee . She made that gorgeous sweater she is wearing. Unlike me. Becky actually finishes projects- lots of projects!

Last but not least is BethP she is showing off her afghan. It is her own version of the AbFab that she made for her daughter at Christmas but I think she is using Manos and a contrasting yarn. It is super soft and turning out oh so nice!

So there you have it! The Gals from this past Wednesday. and YES! I was there too but I was where I like to be which is BEHIND the camera. I am still knitting away on my Noro Lizzy sweater. It is coming along. I have a goal to finish it so that I can wear it before it gets too hot! Like maybe the Spring Fiber Festival in April. It was downright cold last year for the event so maybe I have a chance!

Hope you all have a knitterly weekend!


I promise really I do that I won't turn this into an Elliott Blog but this news is just too good not to share. Elliott's first single has a preview up on AOL and also a Youtube. Put some headphones on ( his voice is so absolutely unbelievable through headphones! REALLY) and give a listen. Also on the AOL site are some "snippets" of some of the other songs on the album debuting on March 20. Listen to them! They are beyond awesome. This new version of "A Song for You" brought tears to my eyes it is so beautiful and I cannot wait to hear the whole song. Even better than when he did it on American Idol. I am so proud of this fellow Virginian that I have supported since the very beginning!

Here are the links:

AOL link

Youtube Link

Sorry too excited for knitting content tonight. BUT I have been knitting to "Moving On" You can get those needles clicking right on.......

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Snippet

For those of you in this area and for those of you not- that may be fans of Elliott Yamin from last year's American Idol did you know that he is about to release his first single of his own original music? Not a cover but his own. I for one cannot wait for February 13th!!

Here is a link to a youtube 30 second preview. It has a great beat and I just keep on humming. If you want to be notified of all things ELLIOTT then click on the banner on my sidebar and visit i-squad. It is fun and very imformative.

Don't ya know I just love to put my headphones on and knit to the voice of Elliott. Just have to try and not hum- it drives the kids crazy. Something about no tune ....

The Un-Super Bowl Party

I am not a football fan. I am not sure that I even know who is playing right now so I was thrilled to get an email from knittingpal and all around pal PAM to see if I wanted to come visit, knit and watch KNITTY GRITTY on TV. Oh yeah! So I went, we did some knitting , some eating, some watching of the Knitty Gritty and some computer updating. Pam needed to get hooked up with Bloglines and some other places that she NEEDED to go like...etsy.

YES! Pam that is right! Now you won't have to keep going to my blog and be disappointed when it isn't updated. Bloglines will (for the most part) tell you when I do!
CiCi is saving my spot and keeping it warm for me. Isn't she a cutie?

CiCi is helping Becky knit AND she has her eye on me in case I decide to eat something. They were so cute...

This is how Pam knits with one or both of her babies in her lap or often CiCi is behind her head. That is Frito or "Totie" as he is often called helping Pam at the moment. She swears that between the two of them they should be able to knit on her WIP's by now.

"To Continental or NOT to Continental" ...THAT is the question. Becky is a professed combined continental knitter. Pam and I are both "throwers". Becky has moved over to show Pam how to continental knit. We are both curious about it as it makes seed stitch and ribbing easier and faster BUT before that happens we have to get the hang of it. Pam is giving it a go but decides NOT to continue on the sweater she is in the middle of knitting. Maybe we will both swatch a washcloth using the combined continental cussin' knitting style. We will see.

All in all a wonderful way to spend a few hours of Super Bowl Sunday. I still haven't seen any of the game!

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