Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Un-Super Bowl Party

I am not a football fan. I am not sure that I even know who is playing right now so I was thrilled to get an email from knittingpal and all around pal PAM to see if I wanted to come visit, knit and watch KNITTY GRITTY on TV. Oh yeah! So I went, we did some knitting , some eating, some watching of the Knitty Gritty and some computer updating. Pam needed to get hooked up with Bloglines and some other places that she NEEDED to go like...etsy.

YES! Pam that is right! Now you won't have to keep going to my blog and be disappointed when it isn't updated. Bloglines will (for the most part) tell you when I do!
CiCi is saving my spot and keeping it warm for me. Isn't she a cutie?

CiCi is helping Becky knit AND she has her eye on me in case I decide to eat something. They were so cute...

This is how Pam knits with one or both of her babies in her lap or often CiCi is behind her head. That is Frito or "Totie" as he is often called helping Pam at the moment. She swears that between the two of them they should be able to knit on her WIP's by now.

"To Continental or NOT to Continental" ...THAT is the question. Becky is a professed combined continental knitter. Pam and I are both "throwers". Becky has moved over to show Pam how to continental knit. We are both curious about it as it makes seed stitch and ribbing easier and faster BUT before that happens we have to get the hang of it. Pam is giving it a go but decides NOT to continue on the sweater she is in the middle of knitting. Maybe we will both swatch a washcloth using the combined continental cussin' knitting style. We will see.

All in all a wonderful way to spend a few hours of Super Bowl Sunday. I still haven't seen any of the game!


Blogger Mary said...

What a fun way to spend Super Bowl Sunday which was also National Pajama Day!

10:50 AM  

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