Friday, February 09, 2007

Knit Nite at Castaways

We had our usual great time knitting on Wednesday night. We were fewer in numbers than usual but we still managed to take up about half the coffeeshop and get some knitting done. I remembered my camera again! YAY! It seems I am on a roll!

Here we are at Castaways and this is the delightful "staff" person that takes such good care of us. She has learned what we each like to drink and almost every night we are there she brings us a sample of something good. Wednesday night it was a "blueberry pomegranate" smoothie.

The lovely Pam is modeling a very pretty scarf that she made. It is a great color on her!

This is Carol. I can't remember what she is working on but it is sure to be Beautiful!

Becky is ordering some coffee to go! We do love our coffee . She made that gorgeous sweater she is wearing. Unlike me. Becky actually finishes projects- lots of projects!

Last but not least is BethP she is showing off her afghan. It is her own version of the AbFab that she made for her daughter at Christmas but I think she is using Manos and a contrasting yarn. It is super soft and turning out oh so nice!

So there you have it! The Gals from this past Wednesday. and YES! I was there too but I was where I like to be which is BEHIND the camera. I am still knitting away on my Noro Lizzy sweater. It is coming along. I have a goal to finish it so that I can wear it before it gets too hot! Like maybe the Spring Fiber Festival in April. It was downright cold last year for the event so maybe I have a chance!

Hope you all have a knitterly weekend!


Blogger Mary said...

Love the AbFab throw. Looks like y'all had a nice time!

5:50 PM  

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