Monday, February 12, 2007


In celebration of my Dad's Birth some quite remarkable 88years ago the family got together to break bread and eat CAKE! My parents both in their 80's are pretty amazing. They can both still drive and drive SAFELY as in they do not present any unusual dangers out on the highway other than the usual that can happen to any of us. They are both mentally sharp as tacks and get a good joke. I KNOW that I am truly blessed. So in the spirit of the celebration I am sharing some family pictures and whatever I may decide to reveal.

The opening of the presents. Something has sure sparked a good laugh from the Birthday Boy. In looking back at this picture I wish I had been listening instead of picture taking.HEY! I might have missed something. The lady beside him is my Mom's sister Hilda. She's 80 something too.I don't know if you can read the writing on the bottle but it says "Petersburg". My Aunt brought this old bottle to Dad for his Birthday. He and my Mom lived and worked in Petersburg in the mid 40's. I lived in Petersburg too at one time. Maybe Aunt Hilda has another one....

Our favorite part - The eating of the cake- That's my Mom behind the cake. My sister makes a really good chocolate cake which is Dad's favorite. Ok. OK . Chocolate cake with white icing is my favorite too. Especially when Mom would make the icing from the 10X bag of sugar.....

I have more pictures but blogger does not seem to want to put them on here. I have tried THREE times. So I guess I will have to put some more up tomorrow.

Something to be guessed, a curious little fact, especially relevant to my Richmond area readers. Someone who may be pictured here today or someone I tried to picture here today is known in certain Richmond circles and more especially from a more distant time frame.maybe. Think about it. More tomorrow.


Blogger Suzanne said...

The secret--your dad did all of the Orville Redenbacher commercials!!

7:15 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Ummm -- you'll need to give us more clues, Emmy -- that's pretty darn broad! (And maybe a little vague?)

But, anyway, Happy Birthday to your dad! :-)

7:17 PM  

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