Friday, February 09, 2007


I promise really I do that I won't turn this into an Elliott Blog but this news is just too good not to share. Elliott's first single has a preview up on AOL and also a Youtube. Put some headphones on ( his voice is so absolutely unbelievable through headphones! REALLY) and give a listen. Also on the AOL site are some "snippets" of some of the other songs on the album debuting on March 20. Listen to them! They are beyond awesome. This new version of "A Song for You" brought tears to my eyes it is so beautiful and I cannot wait to hear the whole song. Even better than when he did it on American Idol. I am so proud of this fellow Virginian that I have supported since the very beginning!

Here are the links:

AOL link

Youtube Link

Sorry too excited for knitting content tonight. BUT I have been knitting to "Moving On" You can get those needles clicking right on.......


Blogger Mary said...

The E-train is going to #1, I think!

5:51 PM  

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