Sunday, October 30, 2005

Time Keeps on Slipping....

It sure seems to fly by! I woucl have sworn that I posted since last Sunday....but I guess not! It has been a very very busy week. Mid-week I had a very sick child that I sent off to school with what I thought was a stuffy nose. By 10 am I had him in the Drs. office with talk of hospitalizaton. His breathing was THAT bad! That same day we had the nebulizer fiasco as in the equipment NOT arriving as promised. AN upset Mom driving is not a good thing. One right turn on red ( when the sign NOT seen said NOT to do it) and one ticket later I got home from work at 9:30. The next night was Family Night Dinner at work and I think I got home about 9pm. No wonder I didn't post. I think I was too tired. DS is on the mend and managed to recuperate without the aid of the hospital! Thank goodness. Did I mention that I missed Knit Night as well?! Yep...same night as the ticket.

To get you in the spirit of Halloween. This was taken last year and it is my dh,ds8 and ds12 and friends. I took this when they came to Trick or Treat at my work. Kinda gruesome bunch huh?

I have been meaning to share some pictures of my "goodies" that I bought from Lawrie's Laine. Lawre made me two needle for circular and one for straights. I just loved the combination of the stripes and florals.

When I ordered my ballwinder from Lawre I was lucky enough to get a dust cover for free with the purchase ( she was doing this for the first 10 ballwinders she sold!) Here is a picture of it with the lake in the background. Her work is first quality and I couldn't be more pleased. There is even a pocket on the cover to hold the instructions and the red "thingie" that clamps the ballwinder to the table.

Ok...that's it for now. I am making "fuzzy feet" and some Socktober socks so I think that I will get back to knitting. I have bought a new pattern to cast on and it will certainly be a challenge to me. Not for most of you but definately for me. Will keep you updated.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Have Realized.....

...that I am a we all know about the yarn hoarding and that is something most all of us do and we call it STASH! But I realized that I have been hoarding pictures and things to talk about on the blog. I think I may be (in the back of my mind...wherever THAT is) saving for a rainy day as it were. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I know that soon, very soon, my lakeknitting days will be over for some time. Now I know that I am hoarding some pictures to get us rather ME through that time but I have done that on PURPOSE. But I have yet to share my Fall Fiber Festival Finds and some FO'S!! The FO'S I will photograph this weekend but for tonight here are some pictures to share of the great gals I knit with on Wednesday nights.

My Birthday Cupcake complete with candle made by LIZ who btw is our resident cook. She has brought scrumptious carrot cake and divine Biscotti's to our group. All HOMEMADE and very delicious! THANKS LIZ!!

LIZ is wearing the striped top on the right, SANDY is concentrating in the center and on the left in red is CAROL. Now Carol and I share a birthday!! How special is that?! There are 8 of us in our group ...what were the odds???

I couldn't share the day with a better gal. I had taken a picture of just Carol but it didn't turn out so that will have to wait! I somehow managed to not photograph BETH although that is her striped mitten in the far left corner and WHERE IS BECKY?We pretty much take over a couple of tables as I am sure you can tell!

This is Sandy in her shawl made with some type of fiber from the Purled Llama. I have some too and the pattern...can't remember what either one is called. But it sure did turn out so pretty and nice. She did a great job!!

HOLD on EVERYONE! What does PAM have in her hand? Why it is a KNITTED clog.

No she didn't knit it although she could if she were of a mind to. I think BECKY is working out a plan for this.

Would you like to see a close up?!?


If there is something creative and new and different our PAM will find it. She has a flair for "that kind of thing." Please note knitting project with Fall Fiber in hand. It will be gorgeous.

Next week I must be sure to get a picture of Becky and Beth and New Beth! Hopefully some more FO's will be out there as well.

Good Night All.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Can it be?!?! I certainly don't feel any older than say.....30 certainly no different than I felt then. I keep trying to go "backwards" but there are those in my family that won't let me. What is age but a state of mind and I am 30! so there!!

Here is a picture of my lovely cake and a present totally unexpected since I had purchased what I wanted this past weekend. DH picked this out all by himself...I think he is "getting it" I know you know what I mean!!

It was a great day and I am thankful to be alive and KNITTING!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

This N That

First of all I thought I would share my BEFORE and AFTER pics of the "Shouldn't Have Been Felted Socks". The good news is that they fit the lovely lady that works with me. SO they now have a new home and she appreciates them. So that is good.

Now on to the Best News!
I was reading Jane's Blog and it got me to thinking about how I have been wanting to get a Ball Winder.... Then I decided to email her sister Lawre ( I had met her at the Roanoke NOSO) and she graciously agreed to meet up with me in Blacksburg this weekend to pick up the Ball Winder and the lovely Needle rolls that she had made for me!! You see my Birthday is tomorrow and I decided it just made good sense to get a present that I really wanted.

Lawre and I had lunch at her favorite spot Leftie's Main Street Grille. It seems that she is one of the regulars and as such we got such special treatment incuding DIVINE home dessert bars. The food was outstanding and the company was the best!! Lawre was so patient with my ds Clay who I had in tow. Here is a picture of Lawre and Clay. He is NOT a vampire he is Darth Vader just without the mask...hehe everyone thought he was a vampire yesterday! Thanks Lawre! It was so much fun talking and getting to know you better. After I left Lawre I went to the LYS there in Blacksburg MOSAIC. It was very nice. There was a class in progress "Socks on Two Circulars". The ladies were having a great time. I managed to leave with only a set od Brittany Birch dpn's. is a picture of my newest toy! It is very special to me because I know it is a quality product. It was put together by my friend Lawre! Here it is in the box....

Please notice the "free with purchase" handmade dust cover. Later today I will have some pictures of it in action. The ones I took last night didn't turn out very well.

Do you want to see one anyway? Even tho it is blurry and out of focus! It does have my very first yarn ball on it!

So as you can tell this has been just a great weekend! I think I am going to knit on my newest socks for awhile. Afterall it is Socktober!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

To Felt or NOT to Felt ...That is the Question

or how emmy ruined her first real PAIR of handknit socks. I guess you can see where this is going?!? My short term memory is SHOT! I put the socks in the WASHER last night thinking it was cold water and I was not going to dry them. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! Why wasn't I thinking. They are really cute now, cute and LITTLE. Too little to even make house slippers for the 8yo. But they are still pretty. GRRRrrr
I am almost finished DH's socks in Mountain Colors. NOT to be machine washed, nope, I can remember this now.I will be looking for the words "superwash" and "cotton" and of course "Machine Washable.

Here is a little something that a friend made for me. I would like to try to make it a part of my blog....just have to figure out HOW?!?! I just love it!! Even has a laptop!

Goodnight dear friends....sleep well and remember "Don't wash the socks!!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Prize Winner and the Prize

Well I have made most of you wait way too long to find out how much $$ or should I say $$$ or $$$$ was in my little piggy!! First of all let me just say that I was shocked as I watched the Coinstar counter and second....all three of my boys want their own pig :)
Since this wasn't a close race I didn't keep track to the very penny but if I had needed to I would have.....
DRUMROLL please..........
.............My little piggy that went to Market had ONE HUNDRED and NINETEEN Dollars in his cute little body. After paying the Coinstar fee I had $109.00 to take with me to the Fall Fiber Festival to add to my other FFF savings. What fun! If the boys will just forget about their wishes for pigs I think I will start another one(s) for Maryland!!
Now I believe this makes Amie at Rose by Any Other blog the winner!!! Thanks for having faith in my piggy Amie. Pictured below are the yarns. One is a skein of recycled silk from the Sari remnants and the other is Magic Stripes Sock Yarn. The color of the recycled silk is very close to actual and itis very rich and vibrant. I made a scarf out of a skein and really love it! The sock yarn is close in color but not as closse a match as the Recycled Silk. Please email me with your name and address and which yarn you would like to have and I will mail it out to you.

Both yarns A close up of the Sari Silk

The Magic Stripes closeup picture turned out to be blurry no matter what I tried but it is pretty standard. I guess it is a good thing that I actually took these pictures last week before the clouds and rain rolled in. My 12yo DS was overheard saying " Ewww Mom is a geek she is outside taking pictures of YARN!!LOL if only he knew how many "shots" and "poses" I had done to try and get the colors right and true..LOL Thank Goodness for digital photography...that would have been two rolls of film.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Seriously Behind and How FFF Kicked My Behind

Sorry this update was so long in coming.....but

I tell y'all I am not as young as I used to be and I hate really hate to admit that. I was just "plum wore out" last weekend after spending the day at the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival. I think it was all the excitement leading up to it ( I was beyond excited) and the very late night and early rising on a SATURDAY!!! I was at Panera at 7am ready to rock and roll. I am not a morning person but I sure was that day. Let me just say that I was not disappointed in the festival and I am already looking forward to next year. Here are some pictures from the day.......

This is Pam( on the left) with author Barbara Hurd, she just signed Pam's copy of her( Barbara not Pam) new book Soulful Knitting. Please note Pam's sweater yep...she made it! Isn't it gorgeous?! As the heat of the day came on it had to come off tho.

This is an alpaca ( I think ?I am afraid I don't know the difference between an alpaca and a llama!!) we decided that it looked a bit like Pam...her thought not mine but who am I to disagree? Could that be a younger brother or sister? So cute!

Here is the back of the van. Pam's grey carrything ( nope !I won't say here what Becky called it.. hehe) That gray box is full and fortunately it is not all Pam's. She graciously allowed us to use it as well. I think next year we might all need one! I am going to post pictures of my "haul" next weekend so I can photograph it at the LAKE!

If you look closely my socks were finishing drying on the little "loopy" things but I ended up not needing them. The day was so warm that they were toasty when we got back to the van.

I was a lousy photographer that day...not any good pictures of the rest of the gang. I had some of the FFF itself but there are many total strangers in that picture and I wasn't sure of "blog etiquette" and publishing random people. Some of the folks I wanted to see were unable to make it or got there after we were worn out and long gone. I am making plans for Maryland next....

Now....some of you may be wondering about my piggy and how much he held??? I think I will save that one for tomorrow. I promise! so stay tuned. I also have pictures of the prize choices taken before the rain came in.and I will announce the winner! I had the pictures but the camera was at the lake without me. Figures....I have time to post and my pictures aren't here. Next weekend I will hopefully get some good lake in the fall pictures. Let's hope so!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


The Blossom Vest is is a bit lopsided, maybe because I can't sew buttons on straight to save my life....but I like it. A little lopsided and a little bit on the short suits me!

See you tomorrow...I hope!

Don't forget my guessing contest the next post down :)

oh Boy! I have gotta get to bed! I have to get up soon!

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Primary Pulmonary Hypertension