Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Prize Winner and the Prize

Well I have made most of you wait way too long to find out how much $$ or should I say $$$ or $$$$ was in my little piggy!! First of all let me just say that I was shocked as I watched the Coinstar counter and second....all three of my boys want their own pig :)
Since this wasn't a close race I didn't keep track to the very penny but if I had needed to I would have.....
DRUMROLL please..........
.............My little piggy that went to Market had ONE HUNDRED and NINETEEN Dollars in his cute little body. After paying the Coinstar fee I had $109.00 to take with me to the Fall Fiber Festival to add to my other FFF savings. What fun! If the boys will just forget about their wishes for pigs I think I will start another one(s) for Maryland!!
Now I believe this makes Amie at Rose by Any Other blog the winner!!! Thanks for having faith in my piggy Amie. Pictured below are the yarns. One is a skein of recycled silk from the Sari remnants and the other is Magic Stripes Sock Yarn. The color of the recycled silk is very close to actual and itis very rich and vibrant. I made a scarf out of a skein and really love it! The sock yarn is close in color but not as closse a match as the Recycled Silk. Please email me with your name and address and which yarn you would like to have and I will mail it out to you.

Both yarns A close up of the Sari Silk

The Magic Stripes closeup picture turned out to be blurry no matter what I tried but it is pretty standard. I guess it is a good thing that I actually took these pictures last week before the clouds and rain rolled in. My 12yo DS was overheard saying " Ewww Mom is a geek she is outside taking pictures of YARN!!LOL if only he knew how many "shots" and "poses" I had done to try and get the colors right and true..LOL Thank Goodness for digital photography...that would have been two rolls of film.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:14 AM  
Blogger emmy said...

OK I have had about enough Comment spam. I have activated the word activation feature for comments. Thank goodness it wasn't too hard to figure out where to find it etc. If I knew where to go to delete this comment spam I would. For now word verification will have to do.and I have such a hard time reading some of the letters in it HEHE

1:25 AM  
Blogger Amie said...

Holy cow! Yay, me! Good little piggy! YAY! Is that Lion Brands Jelly Bean? I have that at home - it's pretty! Thank you! Send me an e-mail at RoseByAny at hotmail.... and we'll talk!

(and when you're logged in as yourself, you should see an option to delete the comment right by the comment itself - you just have to be logged in. I have a hard time reading the test letters too. Do you think that means we're cyborgs of some kind?)

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...


Great post! I always figured if my nephews think I'm too cool (aunts get more leeway than moms) then I'm doing something WRONG! Have you ever noticed how there's a lttle bit of envy in the geek comment (as in we know how to do things they can't do?)

See you Wednesday!

10:58 AM  

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