Sunday, October 16, 2005

This N That

First of all I thought I would share my BEFORE and AFTER pics of the "Shouldn't Have Been Felted Socks". The good news is that they fit the lovely lady that works with me. SO they now have a new home and she appreciates them. So that is good.

Now on to the Best News!
I was reading Jane's Blog and it got me to thinking about how I have been wanting to get a Ball Winder.... Then I decided to email her sister Lawre ( I had met her at the Roanoke NOSO) and she graciously agreed to meet up with me in Blacksburg this weekend to pick up the Ball Winder and the lovely Needle rolls that she had made for me!! You see my Birthday is tomorrow and I decided it just made good sense to get a present that I really wanted.

Lawre and I had lunch at her favorite spot Leftie's Main Street Grille. It seems that she is one of the regulars and as such we got such special treatment incuding DIVINE home dessert bars. The food was outstanding and the company was the best!! Lawre was so patient with my ds Clay who I had in tow. Here is a picture of Lawre and Clay. He is NOT a vampire he is Darth Vader just without the mask...hehe everyone thought he was a vampire yesterday! Thanks Lawre! It was so much fun talking and getting to know you better. After I left Lawre I went to the LYS there in Blacksburg MOSAIC. It was very nice. There was a class in progress "Socks on Two Circulars". The ladies were having a great time. I managed to leave with only a set od Brittany Birch dpn's. is a picture of my newest toy! It is very special to me because I know it is a quality product. It was put together by my friend Lawre! Here it is in the box....

Please notice the "free with purchase" handmade dust cover. Later today I will have some pictures of it in action. The ones I took last night didn't turn out very well.

Do you want to see one anyway? Even tho it is blurry and out of focus! It does have my very first yarn ball on it!

So as you can tell this has been just a great weekend! I think I am going to knit on my newest socks for awhile. Afterall it is Socktober!


Blogger Lawre said...

I really loved going to lunch- not a chore by any means.. I have a saying-- woman can live by the 3 "F"'s alone-- good friends, food, and fiber... any time you can combine 2 and talk about the 3rd is a good time!!! In any combination!!!! And Clay is a real cutie-You are blessed..

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Emmy! Have a great day - I love your present.


2:09 PM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Your socks look great, both before AND after! ;-) I'm so sorry about the accidental felting, but am glad to hear you found them a loving home. You certainly deserve a new pair for yourself- Happy Birthday to you! And congrats on the ball winder. How exciting! I especially love the cover.

1:20 AM  
Anonymous Erica said...

Happy belated birthday! I think your presents to yourself are excellent. Are you winding (or re-winding) every bit of yarn in your stash? The socks, by the way, still look really pretty, but I can only imagine how annoyed you must have been.

12:35 AM  

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