Sunday, September 24, 2006


Because no one else would understand.

Check this out.

More later as I am off to work for a bit. Just a little bit. There could be knitting involved.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Please Don't Shoot Me

but I just have to give this a try. Bluebird blogs is having a contest. You can win a Blog redesign. I have always wanted one of my favorite "lake" pictures as my banner. However, I am lucky to figure out the template. You might say that I am HTML challenged. I am not sure if that is the right phrase but I think I have read it around a bit on the internets. Anywhoo..... I get an extra 5 entries for mentioning it in my blog. YOU have until just before midnight to get your entry in. So hurry! But please ...if you like the way your blog looks or are an HTML genius well....see if you can put a good word in for me. Thanks for the "heads up" Mary.

Gee..I hope I get to knit some this weekend.It was not a good week for connecting with my needles.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Call Out the Guards!

My Sundara sock yarn is GONE! Missing from the yarn cabinet. I need to go to bed but here I sit thinking back on the last time I held it close and felt the softness, admired the lovely pattern of colors. WHERE oh WHERE have I put that delightful yarn. NOOooo I am not ready to knit it up yet. I just want it. To know where it is.

I have just spent the last hour looking through my yarn cabinet. Do you do that? I love to look at my stash and hold the skeins and as I do I remember where it was purchased, if there were any friends with me ( can we say ebablers? Oh! how I love them) and many other special things that go into the purchase of yarn. special yarn. It started out looking for an extra skein to add to a swap. I found the skein and then couldn't stop playing. Now I need to stop but I can't find my SUNDARA yarn. I have my Claudia's and Koigu, STR, Spirit Trail Fiberworks and Vesper, even some Holly Spirng Homespun.But no Sundara. If you see it please let me know. Fliers will go up tomorrow if it is not located!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Yes...I DO knit. Really

It seems like a very long time since I shared any actual knitting. But I do have lots of "irons in the fire" not even counting the gazillion UFO's around here. I need to take a lesson from Mary, of Virgin Wool. She finished up some UFO's this past weekend. Go take a look!

Well here's what I am working on right now and ONE FO to share

Baby socks to match a hat for a special baby. I need to finish these on up before they don't fit anymore! You really can't put off knitting for those little ones.

Another project for a little one. I started a sweater for this little fellow BEFORE he was born. It took me so long that I ended up finishing it for another newborn. He is a year old now and a good size fella so I am making this ribbed vest for him. I know that you can't see much right now but I do like the coordinating stitch marker.

I am enjoying the monthly dishcloth KAL and this was the "mystery pattern" for September. I have already gifted it to my Mom.

And last but certainly not least a little something Patriotic on this day for remembering.......

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturday Sky....not so much

I confess: Yesterday the sky was just ok. Some sun and overcast but nothing that great. I didn't get out the camera. I knew that there would be a great big full moon rising up over the lake on Saturday night. THAT is STILL a Saturday Sky. Right? Right. I have read that some people think that you are supposed to run right out on Saturday morning and capture whatever sky is out there and post it right away ON Saturday. Well sorry. That just doesn't work for me like that. I am a flexible type of gal. Prone to bend and shape the rules as I would like them to be. Saturday sky is a Saturday sky regardless of the time....and with my schedule I will post it when the computer and I have a minute (or longer) ALONE!! Having bored you to death with MY interpreatation of "SATURDAY SKY" I give you the Saturday night "Full Moon Reflecting in the Lake" picture. Can you see the reflection. It's right there at the bottom. I almost missed the window of opportunity for capturing it.

I am also going to share a SUNDAY morning sunrise sky because for some reason I was up early( I know...this doesn't happen often!) and managed to capture the pink tint of the clouds reflecting in the lake.

I have quite a few "works in progress". Some of which are nearly finished.
Since I won't be here next weekend I will take some KNITTING related pictures in a few minutes to share as the week progresses.

OH! I do have a question. Robin of For the Love of Fiber had thought she was the last blogger/knitter to make the infamous Clapotis. It turns out from her comments that she is NOT!! It sounds like there may be a ClapALong2 or 3 or more!!I have also not made the Clapotis although I have had some yarn that I thought would be nice since last year's Fall Fiber Festival. Mmmm I think I have a picture of it around here somewhere ......there we are. This is Interlacements "Little Toes" I am pretty sure that there is enough yardage but I am not sure if it is the right yarn for Clapotis. What do you think? What has your experience been? Would I be better with something like seasilk or a soy yarn? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Fall Fiber is just around the corner...again!

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Skies

After three days of vacation spent inside due to pouring rain, I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to present to you some Saturday Skies. No... I couldn' just stop at one. It was just that good today.

Sky first thing in the morning. OH! what is that bright spot in my eyes?!?! Do you notice how the water sparkles there in the sun. I love that.

Very blue skies and fluffy white clouds. NOT the dark gray and dreary ones of recent days gone by.And just because I couldn't stop taking pictures and then I couldn't pick. So lots of Saturday skies.

I didn't know when or if I would see the sun again so today I wasn't very careful with the sunscreen and my face. As in I used none....big mistake. I will be wearing a 50 block on my nose tomorrow and possibly the rest of my face as well, I know better. really.

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday Weekend. Ya'll.

Friday, September 01, 2006

You Caught Me!

Ok...Ok... You found me. I am on vacation and right now and for the past three days it has been a wet one. Actually cold and wet. How did the weather go from 95 plus to 55 or so? I wish I knew. My toes and fingers are chilly. What is a girl to do? Well luckily there is internet in this camper by the lake and so I have been surfing and pattern searching and blog reading and having a pretty good time. I have been knitting a bit as well. I have been resisting all temptation to shop online and that is a good thing. for now.

I finally finished the Mid Month KAL for the Dishcloth group and just in time for the new September 1st cloth. Which I will be knitting as soon as I finish this post. This is a really fun group that knits the ever popular dishcloth, warshrag, dishrag whatever you choose to call it. The fun part is you get about 10 rows of the pattern a day. No picture. I think it is helping me with my pattern following skills. Ya know what I mean. I think of it as knitting "blind" in that you can't see where you are going you just know where you are. or hopefully you do.

Now for those that might not believe I have been really knitting here are the mid month cloths that I finished. Both are destined to be gifted.

And now just because I was having fun playing with the settings on my camera is the almost same view in black and white.....

I have set some knitting and blogging goals for September and once I fine tune them I may decide to share. Maybe.

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