Friday, September 01, 2006

You Caught Me!

Ok...Ok... You found me. I am on vacation and right now and for the past three days it has been a wet one. Actually cold and wet. How did the weather go from 95 plus to 55 or so? I wish I knew. My toes and fingers are chilly. What is a girl to do? Well luckily there is internet in this camper by the lake and so I have been surfing and pattern searching and blog reading and having a pretty good time. I have been knitting a bit as well. I have been resisting all temptation to shop online and that is a good thing. for now.

I finally finished the Mid Month KAL for the Dishcloth group and just in time for the new September 1st cloth. Which I will be knitting as soon as I finish this post. This is a really fun group that knits the ever popular dishcloth, warshrag, dishrag whatever you choose to call it. The fun part is you get about 10 rows of the pattern a day. No picture. I think it is helping me with my pattern following skills. Ya know what I mean. I think of it as knitting "blind" in that you can't see where you are going you just know where you are. or hopefully you do.

Now for those that might not believe I have been really knitting here are the mid month cloths that I finished. Both are destined to be gifted.

And now just because I was having fun playing with the settings on my camera is the almost same view in black and white.....

I have set some knitting and blogging goals for September and once I fine tune them I may decide to share. Maybe.


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