Friday, September 15, 2006

Call Out the Guards!

My Sundara sock yarn is GONE! Missing from the yarn cabinet. I need to go to bed but here I sit thinking back on the last time I held it close and felt the softness, admired the lovely pattern of colors. WHERE oh WHERE have I put that delightful yarn. NOOooo I am not ready to knit it up yet. I just want it. To know where it is.

I have just spent the last hour looking through my yarn cabinet. Do you do that? I love to look at my stash and hold the skeins and as I do I remember where it was purchased, if there were any friends with me ( can we say ebablers? Oh! how I love them) and many other special things that go into the purchase of yarn. special yarn. It started out looking for an extra skein to add to a swap. I found the skein and then couldn't stop playing. Now I need to stop but I can't find my SUNDARA yarn. I have my Claudia's and Koigu, STR, Spirit Trail Fiberworks and Vesper, even some Holly Spirng Homespun.But no Sundara. If you see it please let me know. Fliers will go up tomorrow if it is not located!!


Blogger amanda said...

Call out the hounds and find that stuff!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

It was delicious! ;-)

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Maybe it went with my Mason Dixon book. I looked for it for weeks. Told the Richmond knitters I had lost it at their last meeting, we searched Barnes & Noble high and low. Then, I bought another copy. THAT's when I found the "lost" one. Where was it??? Right on the book shelf! Now, I have 2 copies. Go out and buy more Sundara and the original will show up!!!

9:36 PM  

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