Friday, September 22, 2006

Please Don't Shoot Me

but I just have to give this a try. Bluebird blogs is having a contest. You can win a Blog redesign. I have always wanted one of my favorite "lake" pictures as my banner. However, I am lucky to figure out the template. You might say that I am HTML challenged. I am not sure if that is the right phrase but I think I have read it around a bit on the internets. Anywhoo..... I get an extra 5 entries for mentioning it in my blog. YOU have until just before midnight to get your entry in. So hurry! But please ...if you like the way your blog looks or are an HTML genius well....see if you can put a good word in for me. Thanks for the "heads up" Mary.

Gee..I hope I get to knit some this weekend.It was not a good week for connecting with my needles.


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