Monday, October 15, 2007

Ahhh...the LOOT!

Shopping for yarn is such fun what with all the touching and all. I kept finding myself reaching out to touch a yarn in a color that I loved to make sure it was soft and felt "just right". There was lots and lots of color at Stitches. I wish I could have taken pictures to share with those of you that couldn't make it but I think they meant it when they said you would be escouted out if caught. That was enough for me. Most of the vendors had patterns made up in their yarn. That is what sells me- when I see what the yarn can become I am hooked!! I bought a pattern from Tess's Designer Yarn for a vest and of course some yarn to finish it off. I bought the 3 giant skeins that Dallis of Dancing Leaf Farm dyed just for me in a bright "Carnival " color.

Enough talk. I am falling asleep- here are the stash acquisitions for Pam, Becky and myself
This is Pam's "loot" . She has big plans for the yarns. I love those little clam shells but I didn't' find any.

We spread all of our yarn and other goodies out on the hotel room bed. Lots of wonderful great colors! The pink ball of yarn and knitting needles is mine to put on the white pickup truck that I am driving.

This is some Fleece Artist Sock yarn that I had just had to have at the last minute. I am thinking it would make a nice simple small shawl. Any thoughts?

My three great big honkin' skeins of Dancing Leaf Farms for a cardigan. I want to wind this yarn up and get started but I have promised myself that I have projects to finish first.

Just a few more things to show but they will have to wait until tomorrow- Blogger wouldn't upload the last couple of pictures for some reason. The fact that I keep closing my eyes for extended periods of time might have something to do with it.


Blogger Mary said...

Lots of pretty yarns!

9:01 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

GORGEOUS FIBER! The colors you chose are just beautiful. I really like your car magnet too; I searched high & low for one at Montpelier, but no luck.

I can't wait to see the vest you make and I'm sure that you can't wait to cast on the Dancing Leaf as well. It really is striking.

A Fleece Artist shaw sounds wonderful. Are you in Ravelry yet? If not, Lion Brand has a nice, straight-forward shawl pattern (Easy Triangular Shawl) that I've used twice now and really like. In Ravelry, there are lots of shawl patterns and I'm hoping to do a feather & fan one before too long.

I'm definitely going to do Stitches next year; your loot is just too wonderful to pass up.

1:01 PM  

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