Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Other Week

The other week when I was spending time at THE lake I noticed a dead branch high up in the tree. Upon further observation this branch was upside down and just hanging there caught up in the live ones!! The scary part is that this branch is hanging right over my path down the the lake. I changed my path!! One of the days I happened to have the camera out taking pictures of boys having fun in the water. Just goofing off I took a picture of THE BRANCH, just a few seconds after I heard a loud rustle pointed the camera again and BAM!! the branch came down. For some crazy reason I thought I would share the pictures with you. Might be even crazier that I think some of you could be interested. I thought it was pretty cool that it happened while I was right there with the camera. It also disguises the fact that I have no knitting to show and haven't yet taken the picture of the promised yarn. I don't know- maybe you just had to be there.

Notice that the wrong end of the branch is pointing downward and it isn't a tiny little stick eitherBlurry falling Action shot!There it is - very large dead branch right in my pathway!

Cute teenage boys- the reason I had the camera out in the first place.


Blogger Mary said...

On Monday I looked out my kitchen window around lunchtime and noticed that I had a large TREE down in my yard. When did THAT happen? I know it wasn't like that on Saturday when I got home from the beach. Must have fallen during the rainstorm we had on Sunday, but it didn't make enough noise to wake me up, apparently. Now I have to figure out how to get a fallen tree out of my yard. So there it sits, for the time being.

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