Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Bad Blogger Goes to the Fall Fiber Festival

I took my camera and then I pretty much forgot to use it. What to say about this year's festival. Well it was dry- very dry and HOT! I think that I preferred this year's "Dust Bowl" over last year's "Mud Bowl". I had to throw away my shoes last year!! There were lots of great vendors and all the tents were full. I noticed lots of men around this year. I guess they might be knitters or came with their SO's.

We met up early at Panera-7:30am, grabbed some coffee or other favorite drink and headed off to Orange County. I had cleaned out my knitting bag and packed a project that was small and was easily remembered for the road trip. At least that was good thinking on my part. I am making a Mulit-Directional Scarf from a Japanese yarn called Diakeito Diajudy. It is working up quickly.

I ran into Jane and her cousin Patty. They were having a great time and posed for a picture

A random picture of a wall of roving. There was enough roving and wheels and such to almost make me want to take up spinning - just almost.

I did see Otto Strauch and I love his ballwinder. When I had a problem with mine last year he looked at it- saw the problem and handed me a brand new one. It has been smooth winding ever since. It is so nice when companies stand behind their products. I was very impressed and was glad to see that their business seemed to be brisk.

I didn't get very much but of course I couldn't leave empty handed.....

It was a great time with even greater friends. Next week it is on the



Blogger Mary said...

I went there on Saturday -- hot then, too. Didn't buy much, but am glad I went, all the same. The drive itself is worth it -- so pretty. Love the picture of Jane & Patty.

I think I'm going to Stitches, so maybe I'll see you guys there!

11:03 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

Sweet! It sounds like you had a great day at the "dustbowl" too! Montpelier, I think, will be a yearly pilgrimage for me. :)

Next year, I'll definitely pay more attention to the Strauch tent. What you wrote was wonderful.

9:58 AM  

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