Sunday, September 09, 2007

Great Day! Great Friends!

Got up at 5am! 5am on a SATURDAY -unheard of !! Only a day filled with promise of good friends, a LYS crawl and shopping could get ME up that early. Why it was still dark when I left home to go meet up with my friend Pam and .....

then we drove almost 2 hours to meet up with Robin in Clarksville. Robin being familar with the Durham/Raleigh area took over and we headed out.

First stop COZY. Cozy sells clothes, shoes, jewelry and YARN! It is a very nice shop and they were having a great sale! You can't beat 50-70% off!! We all got some great stuff. The owner and staff were so nice and friendly. It was a really comfortable store.

Second stop was on to Raleigh to LYS called Great Yarns, yes they had some great yarns but it was just so-so in my opinion. It wasn't busy, we weren't greeted, the sales clerk wasn't interested in helping when Pam had a question and Robin had to ask for the free pattern that came with her yarn and ask about the customer card that we had heard her offer to another lady. As with all LYS your mileage may vary, however I would not make the trip there again.

We were starving and we stopped at an interesting looking restaurant called The Pickled Onion, turns out it was a sports bar type of place. We had a part of the place to ourselves and Pam decided to "style" Robin's hair. They had been talking about that "mussed" look. What fun when Pam pulled the hairspray out of her bag. Knitting, hairstylin' and eating! Great fun!

Robin knitting on a sock while we wait for our food.

OH! Wait! Pam has some hair stylin products in her bag!

There ya go ... a little dab will do you !! and Voila! Robin with a fashionable "messy" style.

After all that fun and the food was really good too! We headed to a clothing store called At Ease. A great shop with friendly staff. We had met Dorothy at Knittin At the Lake back in January. She was surprised to see us and showed us all the great clothes that the shop had to offer. Robin tried on an outfit that was just PERFECT for her son's upcoming wedding. It looked beautiful on her.

We went back to Robin's and toured her lovely studio. I don't know why I didn't take any more pictures we just were so caught up in what we were doing. Go visit her blog for some pictures of Pam and I modeling some WIPs. Her shop is just wonderful and set in such a beautiful setting. We also got the pleasure of meeting her husband Andy as well as Earl Grey, George and Gracie!!

I left home in the dark and I returned in the dark about 9:30pm. It was a great day with great friends.


Blogger Mary said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing! And I love the Pam-styled mussy hairstyle Robin had! Too funny!

1:36 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

It sounds like you had a first rate crawl - - that's wonderful!

I'm with Mary....Robin's "mussed" style looks terrific on her.

When you have a chance, please describe your stash additions. (Make me green w/envy...LOL).

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Robin C said...

way too much fun, if you ask me

liked the sweaters that you and Pam are knitting. Very nice.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Cat =^,^= said...

Will you be attending this upcoming retreat in January '08? I will be there so I will get to meet you guys!

12:53 PM  

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