Saturday, August 18, 2007

News Update on the Hour

Good evening folks. Just a small news update before bed. Today at Smith Mountain Lake in the good state of Virginia there has been knitting- not a great deal but some. There has been YARN acquisition - A LOT! A more detailed update on that tomorrow. There was a major rupture of a tire on the highway earlier today. Fortunately the rupture occurred just immediately prior to the turn for the Yarn Shop. This event led to much yarn touching and purchasing, however purchasing was somewhat limited due to not knowing the final cost of the tire rupture. But if you've got to spend time waiting for AAA there is NO BETTER PLACE!!

In other news tonight in case you have not been following:
Elliott Yamin's new single "Wait for You" has been number 3 on the pop music charts!!

It was announced late this week by a news station in the DC area that his next single to be released will be "One Word". A song that I thought was just ok on the album ( Elliott Yamin is the name of the album- run now and get it if you haven't heard it! every song on the album is beyond good!)but live in concert is was absolutely superb!! I expect it will do very well.

Elliott will be on the Bold and Beautiful soap opera this coming Friday - Aug 24th!

Here are a couple of pictures I took when I went to his concert in May

This concludes our news update for tonight. Please tune in tomorrow for more news and pictures of stash enhancement.


Blogger Mary said...

Wow, Elliot's hair is getting long. Hope he gets it cut before B&B. Glad his single is doing so well -- I like it!

4:14 PM  

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