Sunday, January 08, 2006

Knitting Chocolate

This is "the candy store"! This is where knitters can go to satisfy their cravings and I did just that yesterday. I love this LYS! while it is a 45 minute drive away I consider it local because all LYS are at least 45 min away from me. Knitting Chocolate is in Emporia and if you are anywhere near I95 in mid Virginia or North Carolina I urge you to hop on the interstate and drive a bit to this yarn shop. You will be greeted by Melissa or her mother...probably both of them. On this Saturday trip I was offered coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts....offered more than once. They are helpful but don't hover. They offer suggestions if you want them or leave you to browse. Just perfect.

The last time I was there Knitting Chocolate was just getting going and she only had about half her stock...I was there that day for TWO hours. Yesterday she has doubled what she had and has yet more to arrive. She has many many of the popular yarns....Debbie Bliss, Crystal Palace, Cherry Tree Hill, Rowan ( I think I saw Rowan denim) well she has alot!! She is awaiting a large order of Cascade 220 and Addi's. She has Lantern Moon bags and needles. She has Crystal Palace needles including the lightweight Daisy needles. It is a nice nice store with lots of room to move around. She had a felted bag class going on at the table and you didn't feel like you were 'crawling over them" to get to yarn. You were FEET away. They were a friendly group as well. That small town feeling you know. It is a good thing.

I went specifically for the ella rae book and yarn to make a sweater from it,I left with much more. Did I mention that some yarns were 30% off as well as some of the knitting bags?! What is a knitter to do?!?! I had to get some of the Cherry Tree Hill tiny boucle that was on sale and a pattern for a poncho, needles for the poncho ( the yarn for that project I have in STASH yeah!) and well um yes I needed a knitting bag.

To top off all that goodness Knitting Chocolate will be offering a sock class taught by my knitting friend Liz. She has just revealed her new blog and it is a fantastic design. Go check out Poke You with My Sticks.

I have uploaded some pictures FOUR times and it seems that the photo aspect of blogger isn't working so I will edit this later and add some pictures....I know ..sorry. I know it's boring without something to look at!

Gonna scoot...gotta get another project on the needles. I didn't make a resolution regarding that...


Blogger jane said...

Which Ella Rae book did you get and what are you making? I'm making the t-shirt sweater but love alomost everything in the book! Have a good week, Jane

12:16 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Love to hear about yarn shops--that one sounds TASTY!

My dad's girlfriend is looking for a crew to knit with--she is a new knitter but she's been quilting for years, and is very friendly.

ShortPump is too far for her--is your knit nite open for all and can I recommend her going there?

Great meeting you at Holly Spring---

10:18 AM  

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