Sunday, January 01, 2006

Is it ME or is it Blogger?

I couldn't get the picture feature to work in that last post. Last night I tried EIGHT times to edit the post with all the pictures to get the captions close to the right picture and everytime I got to one spot and moved the words IE encountered a problem and shut me down. shut me right down. The post right below this one....I had typed up what I did today with nice even spacing...what the !(#_*#^%# happened there. I am not going to try to fix it. It will be trouble if I do. I can tell.

Ok ...let's try for some pictures.....

Under the umbrella...
that is where I sit
when I sit there
and having a cup of coffee

is what I see....

Pure Heaven


Blogger Liz said...

It's you.

Just kidding luv, really I don't know what to tell you. BUt I bet it's blogger!

11:08 PM  

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