Sunday, January 01, 2006

Make It A Good One

to all my friends near and far. I hope each and every one of you get whatever it is you desire during the coming year.

As for me......
Someone ,not sure who, said that whatever you do on January one you will do the whole year. Now I don't know if that is an old wives tail, urban legend or the stuff dreams are made of...but this gal is taking no chances. Today I tried to cover all the bases:

*I KNIT. oh yes! Did that first thing
* I cooked not one but TWO homecooked meals. One of
which involved pork, stewed tomatoes and black-eyed
* I knit some more.
* I am blogging.
* I did a small amount of housework.
* I looked at knitting patterns. Must keep things in
* I went to work for a bit.
* Since I can't be there in person I will be sharing some
pictures of "my" lake
* Think I may knit some more......

A lot of bloggers have recapped their year and it is amazing how much knitted wonderfulness has been created. I am not going to do that. My creations have been meager. I am a slow pokey knitter and I get caught up in reading others adventures in knitting. I like to shop for the not so LYS and the more local online shops!! But I do plan to knit more this year and to finish more of my projects in more timely manner. I know that I enjoy the process and more than anything I enjoy the friendship and comraderie of fellow knitters in real life and online. I am proud that I knit socks this year. yes. it was two pair and yes. I felted one of them. So NOT on purpose. The other pair I experimented with the toes. One I kitchendered(sp!?!) and the other I tried a 3 needle bind off...WHAAAAAT WAS I THINKING!?!
Of courese it didn't hold and I have to pick up the stitches and do it the right way. Lesson learned. Don't go off on your own and try to get by with something easy. It just won't work. I am enjoying the Jaywalker socks right now and I want to cast on for something to wear like a vest or a sweater. I have really enjoyed wearing my Blossom vest.

This leads me to at least one New Year's Resolution, which is to take pictures of all my FO's. To remember to take more and better pictures when our little group does something fun and special. Which hopefully will be often!!

I am so looking forward to this year........


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