Monday, November 28, 2005

Where Have I Been

or where I have been. I have been busy with some holiday knitting and then some holiday frogging and some more holiday knitting and some more holiday frogging.
Close Up
Just because
I thought it was
a neat picture
and now it's gone....gone

Well all of this frogging was getting me absolutely no where fast! SO what is a girl to do?! Why surf the internets for one thing. Oh yes! That helps with the holiday knitting. Really it does!

Saturday afternoon finds me looking at this page at Holly Spring Homespun well by golly gee I just couldn't help myself. I was showered and in the car and buzzing up I95 before I came to my senses but by then it was too late .I had to have some of this yarn! It is a nice drive to Holly Spring made even nicer by the fact that 288 goes all the way to Rt.60 now so I was able to avoid all shopping areas. The 65mph didn't hurt either.

I had a wonderful time at Holly Spring. Kathy was working on her window display and it was shaping up nicely. I really like her shop alot! There are some closer but I like Kathy and what products she has to offer.My friend Lawre has a beautiful red and green knitting bag she made in the center of the window. I would have taken pictures but my camera was with dh.
I immediately sought out the yarn that had sent me out on this fine afternoon and I then procured the pattern to make Kathy's fingerless and fuzzy gloves mittens?. You see...I had decided that they might just work for the holiday knitting and maybe just maybe I won't have to keep frogging.

So far I am very close to finishing the first one. Just have to finish the thumb. This has been a pretty fast knit for me. I started LATE on Saturday night and got to knit for only a limitted time on Sunday. DS17 and I went to see RENT. How do some of you knit at the movies?!?! I can't even see well enough while the lights are still on!! oh. maybe it also has to do with butter on my fingers. I enjoyed the music and liked the fact that the music was loud and gave one the feeling of actually being at the stage version.

oh. I digress would you like to see my yarn and almost finished mit/glove? The seaworld hand dyed yarn is soft and wonderful to knit. I think I want more!! The Lily Chin Central Park...not so much fun. I don't like to knit with the fuzzy frou frou yarn. But there isn't a lot of it in this pattern and it makes for a nice look so I will deal with it. I sure hope my giftee will like these!

A modeled shot to come after they are done.
Guess I better see if I can finish off a thumb before I go to bed.


Blogger Liz said...

OMG! I was going to order that yarn yesterday, but decided to wait and drive up there this week for that exact yarn. For that same project...for a certain Christmas gift exchange.


4:27 AM  
Blogger jane said...

I love you glove, can't wait to go today. I almost got that pattern last time I was there! Jane

6:41 AM  
Blogger Carola said...

Hi Emmy. Another combination of two so very different yarns. I never dare to do so, maybe your work will encourage me one day, it looks great.
Thank you so much for your tip on the stitch marker (nail polish). I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds very promising.

1:04 PM  

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