Monday, April 30, 2007


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Homecoming - of sorts

The weather was perfect for some knitting at my favorite spot in the whole wide world. Sunny blue skies with enough spring still around for the dogwood blooms not to have disappeared. I was so afraid that I had missed them this year.

The early morning sun was just peeping out above the trees when I got up with my coffee to enjoy some time in peaceful knitting. It was everything that I had remembered and more. It is my favorite place to knit and contemplate. Smith Mountain Lake. I worked on my top down cardigan. Here is a bad picture. I am creating the shadows. I should have taken the picture earlier in the day but I didn't. Right now I am stuck and have to take it to my favorite "Knitting,M.D.! Becky. I had a dropped stitch (or two) and thought that I could drop down and make it alright. Well it turns out I can't. I have dropped and picked up the stitch(s) 3 maybe 4 times and it is looking worse instead of better. and this is going to be right at the top of the sleeve. It has to look better. I know the "doctor" can help me.

A report on the patient tomorrow night.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I think I got distracted last week and I never finished the Spring Fiber Festival Story. Mmmmm let's see where did I leave off.....

That's right we were heading into the Smith Mountain Coffee Shop for some coffee and knitting and I do believe I took some pictures while there

I knit on my weekend project : The Moebius KAL

Robin is working on her scarf since she has finished and is WEARING her moebius!Becky was working out a few tangles. Her fancy orange moebus really turned out nice!Pam wasn't looking when I her took her pic in the coffee shop and it wasn't the best so I have substituted this one I took at the Fiber Festival. Don't you love her shirt - she got it at last year's mudbog er ... I mean Fall Fiber Festival

We returned to the cabin after a great meal to knit and .......

Ever the dedicated blogger...Robin went outside to get her blog post to load and post when the signal was not good inside the cabin.

Projects that were started, picked back up and/or finished during our weekend. There was much good knitting, fun and fellowship. Afterall isn't that what makes this journey so special.

Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Spring!! Really???

First of all....tonight heartfelt prayers go out to everyone and especially those who have been touched in some way by the horrible events that have unfolded today in our State. I am sure that at this point we do not fully know all the ways that the events of today will impact us. I think of the times I spent on that campus with one of my best friends. and I can only imagine the horror of being a student and that of being a parent waiting to hear news. So very tragic and sad.

Here is the first part of the Spring Fiber Festival Weekend Recap:

Fortunately for those of us in Virginia spring means the Fiber Festival in Sedalia. Sedalia is a very quant hamlet between Bedford and Big Island. While not as large as the festival held in the fall it is a nicely done event and Iam so grateful for the seating to eat and knit for a bit when taking a break from shopping or fondling the fiber.

Our adventure began on Friday as Pam, Becky and I met and headed West. We made good time and met up with Robin exactly as planned in Lynchburg. Since we had some time we decided to visit a delightful shop in Bedford called Yarn Theory. Please go by ROBIN"S BLOG fir tge full story there. I forgot to take in my camera.

We had a nice dinner and then went to Smith Mountain Lake State Park!!! This was the first time this year I had seen my beloved lake. It sure looked good to me!! I am starting to feel like "lakeknitter" is back! We had decided at Yarn Theory that we would have a Moebus Knit A Long. Becky studied Cat Bordhi's book "A Treasure of Magical Knitting" and she learned that cast on that has been known to take an entire class to learn in about ten minutes - maybe less. Then being the darling girl that she is she taught Pam and I ( I think Robin knew it or had at least done it before). Before too long we were all four tooling along on our Moebus, moebusses, moebi!
Becky and Pam are concentrating on the moebus cast on. This is very magical knitting indeed.

Robin works hard to get her air card to work correctly at the cabin.

The festival was cool and a bit damp but great fun!! I bought some yarn and some handmade pottery. I am a sucker for pottery. Pics of the loot will have to wait!
"Just Our Yarn" display. I met some new bloggers! Hi Robin

and I was lucky to run into Tanya. I hear through the grapevine that she is working on some patterns. I haven't made them yet but I love love her felted fortune cookies and I see that she is making some cute cute knitted critters.

After the festival we went to the yarn shop Tapestry in Moneta. It is a small but lovely shop I have never been in there but that the owner is so helpful and encouraging. Once again I didn't take my camera but Robin did!! I bought some Noro ribbon yarn to make a second Moebus. I wanted to get that cast on when I knew I would be near knitting guru Becky!''

We went to Smith Mountain Coffee for a coffee warm up and a bit more knitting.

More pictures coming tomorrow .....

Monday, April 09, 2007

More Surprises

I am just full of them lately. No?

I had a very very special treat Friday night. So if you have been reading you know that I am a huge fan of Elliott Yamin. He has a very hunky friend from American Idol Season5 called Ace Young. If you watched AI at all last year you know who I am talking about. Well Friday night I was invited to a
"Backyard Ice Cream Party with Ace Young" and even better it was about 6 miles from my home! Whoo and Hoo! I was going!!

First of all- Many thanks to AMANDA and her parents for hosting this party and allowing me to attend. It was fantastic! And a special hello to all the "E-trainers" I got to meet!!

Being all overcome during season 5 with Elliott I wasn't wild about any other contestants but I did take notice of Ace - He has the most wonderful smile in the world. and now I know firsthand he also has a the personality to go with it. He has a wonderful way with people and when he smiles it is like it is meant just for you- he made all of us feel special. Well he made me feel special. I have never had my picture taken with such a handsome fellow in my whole life ( don't tell my

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and of course I have pictures.....

Just to show what a small intimate affair it was- Ace is arriving here and he wasn't mobbed. Wonder of wonders we were all calm or were we?!?!

Meeting the Younger Set!

Pictures above singing for us. I never knew he had that kind of voice. really very good.

Ace has a hug for the winner of the Edy's Ice Cream Contest and our Hostess AMANDA!

Ace with AMANDA and her MOM near the end of the evening

And even thought I hate to do it because I always hate every picture of me here is one of the very few pictures you will see of me on this blog. He looks awesome doesn't he? What a sweetheart. When his album comes out in two months I will be buying it for sure.

It was a great great evening. Ace sang three songs for us, posed for lots of pictures, answered questions of all types, led us in singing the chorus of "Movin On" for Elliott, signed autographs and even did it all over again when someone pulled up after having driven 6 hours to see him. Well I think they may have only gotten one song but still....very special.

Well if you have stayed with me for all of this the only thing I have left to say is that I have to find my iron to steam/block my sweater. I am going to put that baby together. What does it say about me that I don't know where my iron is? Nevermind. Don't answer that!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


So ....what might the surprise be?? That I am posting? yes. That I have finished the pieces to Lizzy( anyone still remember Lizzy?)?yes. That I have something exciting to share related to American Idol 5? yes. Yes to all of the above!!!

Yes I have been knitting on Lizzy. a little. I finished sleeve no.2 in Books A Million last night while Jay reviewed books on Linux. So now I have to block it and seam it. and then there is the edging. After I finish this post I think I will get to work on it for a bit. This turn towards cooler weather has motivated me.

Now if you are an American Idol season 5 fan keep on reading because I have lots and lots to tell.....

Those of you that know me in real life know that Saturday a week ago I went up to Richmond to see Elliott Yamin at Westbury pharmacy. He received a commendation from the Virginia General Assembly for all that he has accomplished as well as the example he sets for others as a role model. In fact he was late because he was visiting a very sick child at MCV. He is a very special guy and it seems that his fame has not gone to his head. I arrived at 9:15 for a 12 noon program. I was 4th in the autograph line however I have yet to get the autograph. Due to the schedule he was unable to sign any. That is ok. I am starting to think that the chase/challenge is a great part of the fun! Now my knitting readers will understand this: Elliott fans are great people just like knitters!! We do not know a stranger and we find we have so much to talk about.Maybe this is another part of why I enjoy this whole fan thing so much! Never doubt tho that I LOVE the music. Here are some pictures from that day.

Some of the gals I made friends with while we waited. HEY! Got your tickets for Innsbrook?

Hope I see you there!

This is pencil picture of E- that has been printed on paper so that it can be ironed on a Tee shirt. Look for me in it at Innsbrook!! Thanks a million Linda!

My zoom wasn't good enough to make this readable but these are the awards that were presented to Elliott.

No explanation needed here! or here with a young fan!

Finally on my way home I found myself behind Elliott's Limo. I was not stalking but I may have beeped my horn as I drove past on my way down I95.

I may not have accomplished my main objective but I had a great time!!

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Primary Pulmonary Hypertension