Sunday, April 08, 2007


So ....what might the surprise be?? That I am posting? yes. That I have finished the pieces to Lizzy( anyone still remember Lizzy?)?yes. That I have something exciting to share related to American Idol 5? yes. Yes to all of the above!!!

Yes I have been knitting on Lizzy. a little. I finished sleeve no.2 in Books A Million last night while Jay reviewed books on Linux. So now I have to block it and seam it. and then there is the edging. After I finish this post I think I will get to work on it for a bit. This turn towards cooler weather has motivated me.

Now if you are an American Idol season 5 fan keep on reading because I have lots and lots to tell.....

Those of you that know me in real life know that Saturday a week ago I went up to Richmond to see Elliott Yamin at Westbury pharmacy. He received a commendation from the Virginia General Assembly for all that he has accomplished as well as the example he sets for others as a role model. In fact he was late because he was visiting a very sick child at MCV. He is a very special guy and it seems that his fame has not gone to his head. I arrived at 9:15 for a 12 noon program. I was 4th in the autograph line however I have yet to get the autograph. Due to the schedule he was unable to sign any. That is ok. I am starting to think that the chase/challenge is a great part of the fun! Now my knitting readers will understand this: Elliott fans are great people just like knitters!! We do not know a stranger and we find we have so much to talk about.Maybe this is another part of why I enjoy this whole fan thing so much! Never doubt tho that I LOVE the music. Here are some pictures from that day.

Some of the gals I made friends with while we waited. HEY! Got your tickets for Innsbrook?

Hope I see you there!

This is pencil picture of E- that has been printed on paper so that it can be ironed on a Tee shirt. Look for me in it at Innsbrook!! Thanks a million Linda!

My zoom wasn't good enough to make this readable but these are the awards that were presented to Elliott.

No explanation needed here! or here with a young fan!

Finally on my way home I found myself behind Elliott's Limo. I was not stalking but I may have beeped my horn as I drove past on my way down I95.

I may not have accomplished my main objective but I had a great time!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome Emmy! My daughter and I will be at Innsbrook but in the lawn seats. We'll get there early though so we'll see you in line! Look for me - I'll be knitting! ...Linda

11:52 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

SO CLOSE and yet no autograph! Ouch! Next time, FOR SURE! (You'll have to tell him how many times you've tried -- maybe he'll even hug you for that!) He seems like such a nice guy in those pictures -- definitely a good idol! I need to check those dates for Innsbrook -- maybe I'll come watch him there with you -- that would be fun! We could bring our knitting! ;-)

See you Saturday -- yay, I know you now! :-)

12:15 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

P.S. I think you may need to start an Elliott blog!

12:17 AM  

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