Monday, April 09, 2007

More Surprises

I am just full of them lately. No?

I had a very very special treat Friday night. So if you have been reading you know that I am a huge fan of Elliott Yamin. He has a very hunky friend from American Idol Season5 called Ace Young. If you watched AI at all last year you know who I am talking about. Well Friday night I was invited to a
"Backyard Ice Cream Party with Ace Young" and even better it was about 6 miles from my home! Whoo and Hoo! I was going!!

First of all- Many thanks to AMANDA and her parents for hosting this party and allowing me to attend. It was fantastic! And a special hello to all the "E-trainers" I got to meet!!

Being all overcome during season 5 with Elliott I wasn't wild about any other contestants but I did take notice of Ace - He has the most wonderful smile in the world. and now I know firsthand he also has a the personality to go with it. He has a wonderful way with people and when he smiles it is like it is meant just for you- he made all of us feel special. Well he made me feel special. I have never had my picture taken with such a handsome fellow in my whole life ( don't tell my

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and of course I have pictures.....

Just to show what a small intimate affair it was- Ace is arriving here and he wasn't mobbed. Wonder of wonders we were all calm or were we?!?!

Meeting the Younger Set!

Pictures above singing for us. I never knew he had that kind of voice. really very good.

Ace has a hug for the winner of the Edy's Ice Cream Contest and our Hostess AMANDA!

Ace with AMANDA and her MOM near the end of the evening

And even thought I hate to do it because I always hate every picture of me here is one of the very few pictures you will see of me on this blog. He looks awesome doesn't he? What a sweetheart. When his album comes out in two months I will be buying it for sure.

It was a great great evening. Ace sang three songs for us, posed for lots of pictures, answered questions of all types, led us in singing the chorus of "Movin On" for Elliott, signed autographs and even did it all over again when someone pulled up after having driven 6 hours to see him. Well I think they may have only gotten one song but still....very special.

Well if you have stayed with me for all of this the only thing I have left to say is that I have to find my iron to steam/block my sweater. I am going to put that baby together. What does it say about me that I don't know where my iron is? Nevermind. Don't answer that!!


Blogger Mary said...

How FUN for you, Emmy!!! I am SO glad you got to meet Ace -- you are so right - he really does have a wonderful smile! He's smiling hugely in every picture! And you look adorable with him! You deserved to meet him after not getting to meet Elliot. Did you see the article in yesterday's (Sunday's) Richmond paper about the charity event Elliott attended recently (with Bill Bevins and other folks). He gets around apparently. I thought of you when I read that! Yay, Emmy!!!

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