Monday, November 20, 2006

Back to the Blog

Christmas is coming and I have my present already and I am so loving my new new laptop with the 17 inch screen but not loving the time it takes to get everything moved back on it where it should be and most importantly...not bringing over all the computer clutter that I do NOT need. I must confess that my brain seemed to freeze about how to find my Lakeknitter "Manage Posts" page. It was bookmarked on the old computer and I just couldn't seem to get it figured out. Tonight my brain defrosted and here I am. I am curious to see if pictures will post faster and if this whole process will be made better with a faster laptop.

Guess I will see what pictures I have on here and what might be worth adding. Be back in a minute.....

Fall at Smith Mountain Lake. Another beautiful time to be there! Oh Wait. ANYTTIME is a beautiful time to be there.

I have been knitting. YEAH!! Good times working on some Christmas gifts. It is really sad. I get home so late that it is really dark and that is inhibiting my picture taking. Maybe that is what I need to do at lunch. Take pictures instead of eat. Anyway I have much to photograph.

Many thanks to Robin . I won a Blog contest over at her Blog and I want to get some pictures taken and do a proper thank you. Lovely lovely prize. It was so sweet of you to send one of your handcrafted pins. LOVE it!

Now that I have you curious about the presents and the prize I will say

"Good Night"

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lest You Think.....

....that no knitting takes place here at emmy's house anymore. Here is some proof that while the knitting experience might take much in the way of time eventually it is completed. almost.

Remember this? Purchased and posted about sometime back in February I do believe. I have read reports of this yarn being rough, scratchy and hard on the hands. I find mine to be soft and easy to work with.Here it is today, oh...about 9 months later....

I get to spend some time on "sleeve island" and I will have a nice sweater when the cold weather gets here. I think of this as a very fall sweater and refer to it as my "Indian Corn Sweater" I would like to finish it in time for Thanksgiving. Do you think I can?

Today was a busy day in Williamsburg. I was there for work but did get to do some shopping. Unfortunately nowhere near Knitting Sisters. There are lots of new signs to Jamestown and all around the area in anticipation of the big Celebration coming up in 2007.

More news tomorrow??

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This just in....

....Late breaking news!! Pam and Becky are back from Stitches and here is the fun picture of them to prove it. I am marking my calendar NOW for next year.

Isn't that just the coolest picture?!? I could use some sock yarn in those colors!! So pretty. Next year my "ugly mug" will be right in there with them.

I am so glad to hear that they had a great time. They saw Jane and Lawre. And to quote Pam in a not so exact way " Knitters are such nice people. They are truly as a group and individually the most helpful and kind people. There was none of the crowding and such that you see at some of the larger craft/Christmas shows. It was like getting to visit oh about 200 LYS." WOW! I am just "eat up with the jealousy". Can't wait for Wednesday night! I'll be sure to bring my camera. Thank goodness I have friends that I can live the good time vicariously .

Oh and in light of recent computer problems I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about missing Stitches as I ordered a new laptop yesterday!! WHOO HOO!

Explorers Lewis and Clark found in Virginia

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark arrived in Virginia on a special mission. They came to this lovely state to bring yarn more specifically SOCK yarn and other goodies as a part of the YARN ABOARD swap. It is very fitting that Lewis and Clark delivered this yarn as they were the explorers dispatched by Thomas Jefferson to explore a route west by water. Now if you have been reading my blog you know that I LOVE any type of water - lakes, rivers, ocean. That is so me. But...did you know ( and I am guessing that AMANDA did!) that Thomas Jefferson's home he used as a retreat is in nearby Bedford County? It is and had it been open we would have stopped by for a visit and to catch up on old times.

However here we have the explorers enjoying fall in Virginia. Why I believe that could be Poplar Forest in the background ......

Lewis and Clark also had a chance to enjoy the lovely lake view and to decide which of the contributory rivers would be best for exploring. At the moment we are on Gills Creek just off of Blackwater River but believe that they plan to follow it up to the ROANOKE river and follow it out West.

OH!! I bet you would like to know about WHAT is in the box. Well Maria from Florida sent the YA Box to me and it was loaded with lovely goodies. Here...let me show you......

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL yarn and so soft and best of all yarn I did not have and have been wanting to try.....The skein on the left is SUNSHINE yarn which I have tried on several occasions to obtain and been too late. The other as you can see by the label is Trekking XXL and it is that lovely colorway 100 that has been seen around. I am thrilled with both of them. The small brown cylinder is a WOODEN chibi holder with chibis. You can see "The Good Yarn" and there is wonderful candy a magnetic notepad and hiding in the back is the "Cascading Leaves" sock pattern. What an awesome package. THANK YOU! Maria. I love it all! Really I do! and I am sorry that it took me so long to post about it. last look at the Lewis and Clark Yarn Aboard Box and Smith Mountain Lake in the fall

before the box goes on to it's next Port of Call which is ......

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good Things

I have some good things to share but am just not up to fighting with Blogger tonight er ..this morning. Between Blogger and my laptop acting funny (again) (and I don't like that!) I will post them later this morning when I am fresh and armed with coffee. Please come back by.

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension