Monday, November 20, 2006

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Christmas is coming and I have my present already and I am so loving my new new laptop with the 17 inch screen but not loving the time it takes to get everything moved back on it where it should be and most importantly...not bringing over all the computer clutter that I do NOT need. I must confess that my brain seemed to freeze about how to find my Lakeknitter "Manage Posts" page. It was bookmarked on the old computer and I just couldn't seem to get it figured out. Tonight my brain defrosted and here I am. I am curious to see if pictures will post faster and if this whole process will be made better with a faster laptop.

Guess I will see what pictures I have on here and what might be worth adding. Be back in a minute.....

Fall at Smith Mountain Lake. Another beautiful time to be there! Oh Wait. ANYTTIME is a beautiful time to be there.

I have been knitting. YEAH!! Good times working on some Christmas gifts. It is really sad. I get home so late that it is really dark and that is inhibiting my picture taking. Maybe that is what I need to do at lunch. Take pictures instead of eat. Anyway I have much to photograph.

Many thanks to Robin . I won a Blog contest over at her Blog and I want to get some pictures taken and do a proper thank you. Lovely lovely prize. It was so sweet of you to send one of your handcrafted pins. LOVE it!

Now that I have you curious about the presents and the prize I will say

"Good Night"


Anonymous jessie said...

Do you know they make a cable that you can plug into both computers and just drag stuff over from the old to the new?

I would love a laptop again, but I had so many troubles with the old one that I won't bother. Plus, I spent even MORE time on the computer. I did love that wireless internet, though!

6:19 AM  

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