Sunday, November 05, 2006

Explorers Lewis and Clark found in Virginia

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark arrived in Virginia on a special mission. They came to this lovely state to bring yarn more specifically SOCK yarn and other goodies as a part of the YARN ABOARD swap. It is very fitting that Lewis and Clark delivered this yarn as they were the explorers dispatched by Thomas Jefferson to explore a route west by water. Now if you have been reading my blog you know that I LOVE any type of water - lakes, rivers, ocean. That is so me. But...did you know ( and I am guessing that AMANDA did!) that Thomas Jefferson's home he used as a retreat is in nearby Bedford County? It is and had it been open we would have stopped by for a visit and to catch up on old times.

However here we have the explorers enjoying fall in Virginia. Why I believe that could be Poplar Forest in the background ......

Lewis and Clark also had a chance to enjoy the lovely lake view and to decide which of the contributory rivers would be best for exploring. At the moment we are on Gills Creek just off of Blackwater River but believe that they plan to follow it up to the ROANOKE river and follow it out West.

OH!! I bet you would like to know about WHAT is in the box. Well Maria from Florida sent the YA Box to me and it was loaded with lovely goodies. Here...let me show you......

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL yarn and so soft and best of all yarn I did not have and have been wanting to try.....The skein on the left is SUNSHINE yarn which I have tried on several occasions to obtain and been too late. The other as you can see by the label is Trekking XXL and it is that lovely colorway 100 that has been seen around. I am thrilled with both of them. The small brown cylinder is a WOODEN chibi holder with chibis. You can see "The Good Yarn" and there is wonderful candy a magnetic notepad and hiding in the back is the "Cascading Leaves" sock pattern. What an awesome package. THANK YOU! Maria. I love it all! Really I do! and I am sorry that it took me so long to post about it. last look at the Lewis and Clark Yarn Aboard Box and Smith Mountain Lake in the fall

before the box goes on to it's next Port of Call which is ......


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I am glad that you liked the package. Enjoy!


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