Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It is sooo good

to have my very OWN laptop back! Last week my power cord literally melted down before my very eyes. Leaving me holding a useless cord with wires, ends popping, totally exposed. Thankfully a replacment was to be found with not too much difficulty. There were other laptops available and I used one- for email and work, but I wanted MINE! with MY bookmarks and favorites and easlily accessible Bloglines. All the little things that I take for granted. AND the big thing- like having all my pictures and many of my knitting patterns being held hostage by the computer with no power. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP. I cannot say it enough BACK UP. Had I done that in the last hundred or so years? noooooo. MUST. BACK. UP.

OK! I have tried to upload pictures to Blogger about SIX or more times!! I have had this post written for TWO weeks. I have much more to post about and so I am sending this on without the pictures. It tells me that they are loaded but yet they are not here. So I now have to apologize that the pictures I refer to are not there! Sorry.

In an effort to finish up some very important business. Namely some swaps that I have been involved with I wanted to post some finishing pictures. I don't know if my Knit Socks Kit Swap partner has received hers yet. I was late getting it out to her so I kept adding to it in an effort to make it worth the wait. I knit and felted her knit bag and I was ever so fortunate to obtain some VESPER sock yarn in The Strange Little Mama colorway. This took a bit of time because "vesper girl" was vacationing. She got it right to me just as soon as she could. Here are some pictures of the day I was putting the finishing touches on the kit and getting it all boxed up.

I was also involved in the "Funky Scarf Swap". This was fun and I kept changing my scarf. When I went back and read that my pal was not a fan of pastels I went back and made her a potato chip scarf using Schaeffer "Miss Priss" yarn. A very very soft yarn I must add. Really nice to work with. It was a fun knit but when it was done it was too late to add more. I would knit again with 110 stitches rather than the 90 the pattern specified.

And finally I got out the camera and took some Saturday Sky pictures. It was a bright sunny day, crisp and cool. There was a touch of color in the leaves at the lake. I had thought there would have been more- but no.


Blogger Mary said...

Picture upload has been problematic with Blogger this past week. However, I do have better luck publishing my posts and photos using Mozilla Firefox as my browser, rather than Internet Explorer, which I abandoned a couple months ago.

1:29 PM  

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