Tuesday, October 10, 2006

FFF or Better Known as....

The "Fantastic" Fall Fiber Festival. I look forward to this event all year. It was only my second but boy was the anticipation high! The weather around here in Va. not so good. But we took off on Sunday having decided on Friday night NOT to try it on Saturday. It was still drizzling in our little part of Va when we left heading west and then north. The weather improved but the mud at the festival did not. Many thanks to the folks at Knitters Review that had braved the festival on Saturday and gave reports of the mud so I had on old old tennis shoes. If you were there then I probably missed seeing you because I had my head down the whole time watching every step I placed. I was so proud because my shoes were not so bad. The mud was not over the top ruining my socks! But then...I looked at my jeans. I had mud splatters all the way up to my knees. So much for being proud. Some vendors were not there and I was sorry for that. But I did not blame them. We all know what they have invested in their wares. Now even though two of the main ones I had interest in were not there I managed to make some NEW friends and find some lovely yarns and patterns and even a Christmas gift or two. I did manage to see a few blogging knitters that I read and I believe I missed seeing some as well.

The one thing that I missed the most was MY CAMERA!! It was back in the car at home! I had the extra battery and the memory card but no camera. I guess I will have to take pictures of all the wonderful things that I bought and share those with you.

Hang on until tomorrow and there will be more.....


Blogger Mary said...

I was there on Sunday and missed you AGAIN -- that's the second fiber festival where we've missed each other! But I, too, had my head down much of the time, trying not to fall or lose a shoe!

3:49 PM  
Blogger Astabeth said...

Did you get your funky scarf yet?

11:04 AM  

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