Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's October Y'all

I cannot believe it! It was just May. I don't know where the summer has gone, it certainly flew by that is for sure. Here it is OCTOBER! and we all know that means. Christmas is around the corner. The stores will soon push all the Halloween goodies aside and bring out the trees and the trimmings.

October also is a fun month because it is This is a pretty relaxed KAL with not really any rules other than to have fun knitting socks. You can start new ones, finish up some that have been hanging out on your needles, you can knit up some for a swap or a charity. It is just SOCK FUN all month long. My plans are to work on finishing some socks. I have been counting and I have on needles the following SIP ( Socks In Progress):

*Koigu Jaywalkers ~ on the foot of sock 1

*Blueberry Waffle~ somewhere on the cuff, it's been awhile

*Claudia's Handpainted Red Wagon socks~ All I have done is cast on

*Mountain Colors something that I can't remember ~it's been so long

*Baby socks in Candy

*NONO Kitty Socks~ So close These are in the yarn I got from NoNO Kitty right before she quit selling her hand dyed yarn. The color and the feel are superb and I am getting close to finishing them. I love the colors in this yarn and they are matching up pretty well. They won't be identical but for sure they are fraternal. Here they are when I first started them back at the beginning of the summer er...spring.

One more thing before I go tonight. I had joined the "Funky Scarf" swap and the scarves are to all be mailed out around October 14th. There have been about 5 different plans I have had for the scarf. Indecision was killing me and wasting valuable time. My partner is not much for novelty yarn and likes a skinny long scarf. My question is "What is long?" Is it 60" or 70" or longer? Here is the scarf all in a tangle ..... I used three different yarns and I think it is looking pretty good. I WOULD wear it. As a matter of fact I will probably have a hard time sending it off. I like it a lot!!

But please give me an idea of a good length for a long skinny scarf. Here it is being held aloft by my 6'4" tall son. It looks pretty long to me but it only measures out to 45". I know blocking will lengthen it but I want it to be right. I have yarn to go another 10 -20 inches or so.....
Wishing all of you happy knitting this week. This week's blog will feature a dishcloth in progress (DIP) HEY! I like that one! and a post about where I knit. and Maybe a Fall Fiber Festival Update. How does that sound?


Blogger Annie said...

I'd knit until you run out of yarn on the scarf!

12:07 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Wow, your 6'4" son has such a babyface! Looking forward to seeing your finished scarf!

12:08 AM  

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