Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's A Good Day

in late fall. Some of us managed to find our way to the lake this weekend. I think I missed the best of the fall foliage last weekend as there are not many leaves still on the trees. But it is good to be here. A bit chilly at night but we have 2 heaters that take care of that quite nicely.

Here is a picture of the lake in fall. Most of the boats have been pulled out but my favorite green sailboat is still there.

I FINALLY have some Harry Potter knitting in progress. I had originally wanted ( and still want) to make the Weasley Sweater but I had trouble finding the yarn. It looks like I will have to order the Rowan Felted Tweed online but I was hoping to find some in person so I could know. feel it. and see just how it looks and what colors are flecked in the different colors. So in the interest of Christmas coming sooner than I think is possible and other knitting I decided to make a hat. The premier is less than a week away. DS 17 wants me take the 18th off and go with him and some friends to the premier. I don't know if I can get off but we will see. The hat will at least be finished. By tomorrow I hope. Here it is pictured on this sunny fall day. DS17 also found the perfect Gryffindor colored leaf. I couldn't resist adding it to the picture.

There was some knitting related shopping done on Saturday. Unfortunately there are no pictures as my camera battery has died. But I will say that one of my finds is said to be quite rare.


Blogger Liz said...

Hmmm...Rare find eh? Can't wait to find out what it is. And the heat looks great too!

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Erica said...

You're teasing us with that rare find, you know. The hat is adorable!

1:03 PM  

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