Sunday, March 26, 2006

Well.... HELLO

I got Blogger to upload those pictures.....what I didn't realize was that it would put it back into the order in which it was written. So please scroll down a bit if you want to see what Springtime looks like in Virginia. Oh well. Blog. Live. and Learn. and I am learning!

Have a great week. Learn. and don't forget to BLOG!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh Blogger!

Why dost thou desert me?
It has been more than a week since I posted. I have a lovely post all drafted and ready to go.....but the pictures just won't appear. I have tried umpteen times to upload and I do mean UMPTEEN you know like a gazillion. Hopefully tomorrow it will work and I can pull it out of cyberspace space and put it where it belongs. I also have some Spectrum knitting to share.
Soon. Very soon.....darn blogger....kicking chair OUCH!!

Springtime In Virginia

Ahhhhh Springtime in Virginia...such a lovely time of year.

We have had a relatively mild winter here in central Virginia. Only one day missed from school due to snow and that was a bit of a fluke...not much snow and it didn't snow all day like I guess they were expectin' on THAT day....

But now that spring is officially here at least that is what my calendar says I thought I would share some pictures that I snapped this morning on my way to SWEEP OFF THE CAR!!! There is also a sky picture here for Sandy just in case she is looking.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

At Long Last...The letter E......

Good grief! Why has the letter "E" been so hard for me to come up with a picture. Well I will tell you why...every time I kept coming up with my OWN name...emmy, well actually that is a nickname and not my real name ( so see you did learn something personal about me ). Those of you that know me in real life as opposed to knitting blog life know that my last name REALLY does begin with today's letter the elusive E. So what to do...... I am not much for my own picture. You may or may not see that here. Just depends. on how fat, old or bad I look or think I look. So nope not going to use a picture of me. There is only one decent one and that one has been used already. ( If you are really curious it was done the day our Knit Group celebrated our one year anniversary and made scarves. It is here. somewhere.)

But then I got a vision...from the mirror of all places. I was wearing was looking back at me . It was my answer!!It is the lovely necklace my dh gave me for no reason other than he found it in a store and thought it was pretty and appropriate. I give you the letter E and yes in a way it is me. and it is my name and my last name. It means alot to me this letter.........

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Backyard ?!?

My favorite "Backyard" The one with the view is the one I visit most weekends. The one I see M-F not so interesting.....

The view through the camper "kitchen" window. Now I don't mind doing the dishes with this view.....

I decided that if Knitblogger's Fieldtrip was going to be a monthly event then I had better use some pictures a bit more in keeping with the season. We don't get to our camper in the winter months but this is from a March/early April past year or so....Just past the umbrella is "my" knitting lounge chair ( just for you Becky :)
This is the campfire surrounded by leftover fall leaves. The boys love the campfire and I have discovered that it provides just enough light to knit by...if the project isn't too tiny.

This is the view in late winter, early spring from my favorite knitting chair.I can't wait to share my favorite views with all of you as the seasons progress. Thanks Becky for a great idea!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

D is for DADDY

and since I am still catching up might say that I have be Delayed in Developing this post.

This is my Dad, Daddy if you will.

Wedding Day to my Mom. This picture was taken 63 years ago come this April 17th WoW!!

He is now 87 years young. And I think "handsome as ever!"

Love ya Daddy!

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