Sunday, March 26, 2006

Well.... HELLO

I got Blogger to upload those pictures.....what I didn't realize was that it would put it back into the order in which it was written. So please scroll down a bit if you want to see what Springtime looks like in Virginia. Oh well. Blog. Live. and Learn. and I am learning!

Have a great week. Learn. and don't forget to BLOG!


Blogger Suzanne said...

Sometimes I have a frustrating time w/Blogger too. But hey, its so FREE!

Are you going to enter anything in Strut Your Stitches at Holly Spring this year? I don't have anything good to enter! I entered my clap last year. I'll be at the celebration w/my discount coupon--see you there?

7:27 AM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...

Hey there,

Dont ya love springtime here? I was in your neck of the woods last week and finally got to visit Holly Spring. BTW, are you going to the Spring Fiber Festival on April 8th. If so, let's plan to see each other. Take care.


1:49 PM  
Blogger Bess said...

Can't wait to see your spring fiber festival pictures. I never took a one - and was so scatterbrained I'd probably have left my camera there if I had.

6:48 PM  

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