Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Wonderfully Hot Night

Words cannot begin to describe what a wonderful night last night was......despite a heat index of oh say 123F and my 13yo's XBox360 MAJOR DISASTER. It was just a great great night. I went to post and BAM! The blogger plumber was here and wouldn't let me in :(

Let me just say that my "KSKS" pal far outdid all the other pals out there!and she is also understanding about the fact that I MUST take my pictures at the lake so I will share all the amazing details this weekend. I have thanked her but not nearly enough!

I am finishing up the kit for my Pal. Mine has to travel across the big pond but I am not saying where exactly. Here is a picture of the bag that I have felted. I still need to pick up a few more things for it and then mail it off before/by the August 18th deadline. Here is a picture of the bag.

Since my blog has been somewhat weak in knitting or ANY content lately the gals at KnitNite kindly indulged me and I took a few has been awhile since I have remembered to bring the camera.

Becky is helping our gal Pam figure out just what went wrong with her dishcloth. Pam is doing an interesting KAL. The person that set up the KAL sends out 10 rows a day of the dishcloth pattern. It was fun to watch the pattern develop. I am looking forward to seeing it next week. This is the great thing about our group. Someone is always willing to help when there is a snafu.

Don't you just love Pam's colorful glasses?!?!This lovely smiling lady is Judy and she is working on a project for her new grandbaby that is on the way. Judy was recently in the big city, yes I mean NYC!! and she had some great tales and adventures to share with us as we knit.

I am sorry that Beth got away before I remembered the camera. I really need to take a picture of her "guitar sweater". It is her first venture into intarsia and she has done a fantastic job. We were missing some gals last night but one Tuesday soon we will hopefully all be together again. Why we have had a major surgery, a special delivery, vacations and new jobs to knit around. To those not with us you always are in spirit.

Have a great night everyone and stay cool!


Anonymous Beth P. said...

Yay, pictures of the group. I miss you all -- I will be back very soon and can't wait. I am doing the KAL dishcloth too and still haven't figured out what it is...this is the first time I've participated. We're going to a Bed and Breadfast in Va Beach the weekend of August 11, 12, and I hope to visit EweKnitKits -- my B-day is August 12, so what better way to treat myself! See you all on August 16th!! I can drive starting August 15th -- I am counting the days...

Your lonely Knitting Chick, Beth

8:15 AM  

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