Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras ...My Way

Happy Mardi Gras !!

I don't know about most of y'all but every Tuesday is fat for me...but well that is just another story. Today we celebrated Mardi Gras at the nursing and rehab center where I work. It is special events like this that make my job fun and special. Where else could I get paid for making jambalya? Did I even spell it correctly? Doesn't matter it tasted G-O-O-D if I do say so myself. So with a team of staff and some teen volunteers we proceeded to have a pretty darn good party. No one was flashed for beads although the residents liked the cute young volunteers handing them out. King Cake was eaten...babies were discovered and prizes awarded all to the sound of some Dixie Land jazz.

Here are a few pictures that do not show any residents. Well not in any identifiable way.I have some really good pictures that I will add tomorrow morning if the ladies give me permission to do so. And I am pretty sure that they will....
A cute teen volunteer passing out beads and prizes. Check for updates tomorrow as I have the "unofficial" Queen of Mardi Gras' picture all ready to upload......


Blogger amanda said...

Jambalaya. You were so close. And I bet it was yummy! I think it is awesome you guys go out of your way to mark special days for the residents!

12:38 PM  

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