Sunday, September 18, 2005

Best time in a long time !

Some of them thought I had finally lost it...that would be some of my coworkers, my 3 sons for sure, and many of the other folks with whom I just had to share the news of my good fortune. What good fortune you might ask? No...I didn't win the Mega Lotto or Lotto South but I felt like I did! You see.....

Last Wednesday night I was reading the blogs and Tanya at IndigoMuse( had a link to NOSO Knit. Being the curious sort I had just HAD to check out that link and when I did I knew that I was missing out on some good fun, really good fun!! KNITTING fun. The registration date was past, heck it filled up BEFORE the registration date. Well nothing ventured, nothing gained I emailed the person listed as the proper one for emailing such requests you know to see if there was a WAITING list! What else could a knitter do? I was going to be in the Roanoke area this weekend and I could make it work if they could. Well Rae ( the Thinking Knitter) emailed right away...several times in fact to update me on the waiting list. By Midnight..early Thursday morning I had a spot! I was so excited. My ds17 asked me who I knew that was going? Mmmm no one . But that was ok I would make new friends...KNITTING FRIENDS and there is no such thing as a stranger in the knitting community. I believed that going in and I am sure of it coming out!

Here is a run down on the 2005 Roanoke NOSO Knit
* GREAT GREAT People just as friendly as I knew they would be :)
* Goodie Bags with free patterns, yarn for next year's charity knitting, Lawre's stitich
markers,and lots of good resources
* Shopping! Shopping! The vendors were Yarn Theory in Bedford, Orchardside Yarn from Raphine, and the Fuschia Fleece. There were some demonstrations of projects and spinning. I have been wanting to get to Orchardside and this was the next best thing. I got some yarn and a free pattern so I cast on for a new project then and there.
* Door Prizes. I think every attendee ended up with a door prize. I got the book "Mittens" donated by Margaret of "Maggie's Rags" Patterns. I also got to meet her and the lovely ladies from Also at my table were two delightful knitters from Hot Springs Va.
* The Charity Knitting.....filled up a couple of tables along a wall and there were 28 scarves for the "scarves of hope" program. There was much yarn and other supplies collected to be used for the prisoners Charity Knitting. I learned that most of their knitting is done for children in Appalachia. How wonderful is all of that!

I got to meet Tanya of IndigoMuse Knits ( blog link above) I have been reading her blog for some time and really enjoy it. I had met Jane online as she is a Richmond Knitter/blogger and I had thought she might be there with her sister,Lawre. Jane's plans had to change at the last minute ( I might have even gotten her spot! Thanks Jane!) but I was fortunate enough to meet Lawre. Bless her heart she hunted me down! She is lovely and I already had some of her beaded stitch markers. If you haven't seen them go here: and for her blog: I got to go out into the parking lot and shop at "The Black Market Yarn Shop". I was looking at her fabrics and her needle rolls and her buttons. Really nice. I told her that I thought she should have a trunk sale at "FFF"

Such a super great time and I already can't wait for next year...Wonder if Rae will let me sign up now?!?! The only bad thing about the day was that even though I remembered my camera I had left the memory card in my laptop..darn and double darn. So no pictures .

Let me leave you with a picture of a favorite spot of mine. Mmmmm wonder where that could be?!?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:05 AM  
Blogger jane said...

I hope you did get my spot, I've gotta make it next year. My plans are changing daily and I may be able to go to Monpelier Sat. and Sun. as my sisters will be there both days, too. Hope to see you soon. Jane

7:50 AM  
Blogger IndigoMuse said...


I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to chat with you on Saturday. I only wish that I'd had more time to visit with you. Maybe one weekend when you're at the lake we can meet up at Tapestry :)


1:04 PM  

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