Thursday, September 08, 2005

I"m Getting A Little Behind

In keeping up with my posts that is ...there is no dieting going on here ...yarn or otherwise.Let's see.....Oh I know I have been very negligent in reporting on the lovely outing the Knit Nite Gals had Saturday before last. We ( meaning Becky , our intrepid and very brave yarn crawl driver extrodinaire, Beth P. Sandy and I ) headed on off to the lovely town of Ivor to meet up with Pam. It was a day threatening to rain a bit but we didn't let this slow us down in our quest for this point we were headed to the Farmer's Market in Smithfield where we had it on very good authority ( our intrepid Becky) that the yarn spinner, hand dyeing "Purled Llama" would indeed be there on that day! Becky's email to her that we were planning a trip helped alot!! We "oohed and awwed" and left with yarn. Here is what I bought to make a great shawl ( had to get that pattern as well)

Isn't it gorgeous?! and so silky feeling. I bought some bamboo circulars as I thought it might prove too slippery for my Addis.

We went to a small but lovely knit and gourmet food shop where we decided to venture a bit farther afield to the city of Chesapeake to visit "Spooling Around" a Quilter's Dream and great Yarn Shop!!

Now of course more FOOD Is involved so here is the group enjoying a lunch at Pargos before heading on for more yarn and fibery fun.

The food was delicious especially the SHRIMP BISQUE. Divine!!

I forgot to take anymore pictures that day...blame it on the food or just having so much darn fun that I FORGOT!!!

I leave you with a Lakepicture. I call this one "Boats and Tiki" Tune in tomorrow or over the weekend for a "Sock Story" and some more stash/project enhancement.



Anonymous Erica said...

I am lusting after all of your beautiful, beautiful yarn. You always pick the loveliest colorways!

2:39 AM  

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