Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Dyeing" for a Good Time

Oh MY! What a group of knitters won't do for a good time?~! We had a great day today at our favorite "dyeing haunt" ie. Becky's delightful log cabin home in the woods by the pond. Becky and Sandy spent quite a bit of time yesterday gathering dye and supplies and winding their chenille into a giant 10 ft skein. Pam and I made our yarn into regular size skeins when we got there today.

So much fun and Good food and friendship .....WHY I think I can work a letter from the ABC along into this here post .... how about GREAT, Gratifying, Good friends, GIANT skeins......yes I know I am so so behind but I can catch up I know I can.

Anyway we had so much fun, Pam, Becky, Sandy, Ruth Ann and myself. We were sorry that more of our knitting buddies were unable to join us today. Rest assured we will bring yarn for inspection on Wednesday.

I had a special reason for dyeing today. I have joined the Knit Socks Kit Swap and you are supposed to make with your own hands a small project bag of some type for your secret pal. When I joined this I had every intention of CHEATING....yes. hanging my head. I was going to have someone else sew my bag for me. However I am HAPPY to announce that I know that do that is not the "knitting way" and would be wrong of me and therefore I would not enjoy the swap. SO I have decided to knit and felt a bag for my pal. That I know I can do. My Pal likes different colors than what I usually like so it made for interesting dying to focus on her colors and not mine. I think I have something that I can work with. Hurry up and dry.... I got some knittin to do!!

OH! Would you like to see some pictures?? Of course you would. That is why you are here.

Sandy is rinsing out her yarn. Lovely PURPLE water!

In an almost Unprecidented Appearance in my own blog modeling my Yarn Lei. I only put this in to show the lovely location we are enjoying.

Here is our yarn drying ......It is so colorful and pretty....Maybe not. Blogger picture isn't working very well tonight. It keeps telling me that it is done but the pictures are not there. YARN pictures tomorrow.


Blogger Mary said...


3:47 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

That yarn lei is GORGEOUS!!!!! Motto: Dye Happy!

11:14 PM  
Blogger jane said...

The yarn looks great with your green top!!!

11:29 PM  

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