Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just Stopping By....

Not much to say but I wanted to say hi. I missed Knit Nite tonight because of a work obligation. I HATE to miss it, not that I get a whole lot of knitting done but we have so much fun. Sharing and talking about knitting and whatever. I will be sure to take my camera next week. We are having a baby shower (not a surprise) for one of our gals! I can't wait. I love to see baby "stuff". That reminds me ....My oldest baby turns 18 on Friday. Where does the time go? It really seems like just a few years.

I am knitting and will soon have an FO to show!! Well 2 actually. I did finish a small item and haven't photographed it yet. I have some nice blue and green yarn to use for socks in Project Spectrum. I also will do a quick catch up for the ABC along if I haven't been kicked out already. I am emmy "come late along" it seems.

So there you have some teasers of what should be posted in the next few days. I am trying to more faithful to few but wonderful readers.

No pictures tonight, too tired to fool with blogger for that! I am just as temperamental as it is !!


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