Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good Bye Green and Hello Blue

I love the idea/concept of Project Spectrum but I am certainly lax in expressing it. I spend much time thinking about the colors and what I should take photos of and what yarns I have in my stash that I should knit . HA! I am way too pokey a knitter for that !(like I could finish a project in one month!)and it seems I don't get much past the tinking er..I mean thinking stage.

But before May is gone for good I must pay homage to green because after all green is my favorite color. I love green. I love it bright, lime and kelly. Why in May I went shopping for clothes and not yarn for once! Everything that I bought except one pair of shoes was green or has some green in it. Did I capture this in a picture or two?

But I did at least attempt to capture the lovely green roses that my oldest son surprised me with on Mother's Day using his own money. They were a lovely light green really not captured very well here but he picked them out because....Green is my favorite color!

A really cool antique green truck. Please notice the lime wheels. Please! This was a part of the Antique Car Show we had at our work.

Green in all it's glory at my favoriet place, Smith Mountain Lake. Clay and the green sailboat. One might say that water looks a bit green as well.

And finally as we say goodbye to May and all things GREEN and Hello to June with all things BLUE here is a lovely picture in blue and green. My favorite two color combinations.ever.

Now that I feel that I have at least been true to Project Spectrum for at least this one post. and the one before with my lovely Dye-O-Rama sock yarn( They ARE green and very special) in the previous post here is what I have on the needles : I am nearing the finish of a baby sweater for a co workers grandchild, I have some lovely blue yarn and am dyeing to begin yet another pair of socks. I bought some nice novelty yarn in Roanoke to make some simple scaves for Christmas. It was a nice 50% off. Pictures maybe by the weekend. Please don't hold your breath!

May is drawing near and I must go......


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