Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Can't Blog Right Now

because I am trying desperately to vote for ELLIOT....yes I am watching American Idol this season and really loving it because we have a hometown boy in the competition. And even Simon seems to like Elliot. So if you will forgive me I have to get back to dialing. I still haven't gotten through.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I am here! Negligent of my blog as usual. I sure could have sworn that I had posted more than ONCE this month....sorry musta been busy. or did I just write those posts in my head?!

First things first....there is a long promised photo of some now not as recent "stash enhancement" that took place at the Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival. I cannot say enough nice things about that event. It was wonderful! The vendors and the covered area with SEATING to eat and enjoy your knitting and the conversation with others as we took a break from checking out all the fiber. Mary .... I can't believe that you were just behind us. It was funny how I could tell from your picture and you from mine :)

Now...back to the stash....
After we left Sedalia the two of us that HAD NOT eaten the cheesecake were getting a bit hungry but because TWO of us HAD indulged we went into Bedford to do a bit of shopping before heading back to our cabin at the lovely and peaceful Smith Mountain Lake State Park. We first had to stop at the ABC store not to be confused with the ABC along....totally different. Goodwill was right next door so in we go to spend a bit more time. Pam found a Rubbermaid Wreath storage box that she thought would be perfect to store "stash under the bed"
brand new and everything ( this becomes impotent uh I mean important later) We will have to skip the fact that I ran into Walmart to get some limes and fell off the curb on my way out, which enabled me to find my fellow travelers in the parking lot by the sounds of laughter coming from the van. I mean LOUD laughter.
Finally we have all reached a degree of hunger and we have a nice dinner at Olde Liberty Station which came highly recommended by my dh...they also sold cheesecake.

We ended up at our cabin and decided to display all of our "finds" in none other than Pam's wreath box. Which is hard to see with all of our Loot in it. This one is the girls : Sandy. Pam and Becky.

This is a closeup of our haul for the day. Not all duplicate skeins were added in as things began to overflow a bit. And we couldn't leave the important things out like the limes.

All in all a wonderful time. I am already looking forward to next years. No matter what the weather!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Featuring the Letter F

I would like to say that I purposely saved the letter F for this day but that wouldn't be 'zactly true so let's just say that the letter F is for........


To prove my point about the letter F here are some Fantastic pictures of Fiber, and Friends. These pictures were taken at the First Annual Spring Fiber Festival in Sedalia, Va. The weather was a bit cloudy but no real rain. I found it to be a great day and really enjoyed the vendors, the music and the Food. And speaking of FOOD I hear there was some just awesome cheesecake there but alas I did not get to have any .....unlike some people and YOU know who YOU ARE!!!

First up is some lovely Fiber all still on the hoof and in the Fashion Show.....

Pictured here are two delightful girls from The Miller School. They patiently toured these gorgeous animals about during the day and participated in the Fashion Show. I think if you look closely you will see one of the co-founders of the event. I believe her name is Marty. Please someone tell me if I am wrong! Don't you just love the pink hat and scarf.

A Most Majestic Participant in the Fashion Show. Looks like some quality fiber to me and I don't even spin!!

Pure and Simple Fiber Love

And this is where we get to the Friends part!! I finally got to meet Jane!! I had met Lawre last year when I went to the NoSo in Roanoke and then bought my ballwinder from her. It was so nice to meet Jane who is just as nice in real life as she is on her blog. The two lovely sisters are pictured here together. I also saw Tanya at the Festival but I didn't remember my camera. Luckily Jane did...go visit her and read her account. You may be in for a rare Blog appearance....
And last but certainly NOT least are the Fiber Friends that made the trip such a fun one! We laughed til we cried or worst. Way too much fun to mention tonight. More tomorrow when I show the Fiber stash we all bought and share some more of the weekend. But before I go please note: That is my LAKE in the background...........

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